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The Moment You Realize That Our NH Summer Camp Has Become Your Home

When you find yourself happily living in a cabin filled with total goofballs.


And that the easiest way to be away from home is to surround yourself with amazingly wonderful. funny people.


When you played in one of the greatest sports tournaments of your young life.


That night you discovered that wrestling in 1,000 pounds of Jell-O is pretty much the best thing ever.


During Free Play after dinner when you achieved the greatest photobomb of your life.


Saturdays during special weekend events when you and your friends played the silliest, weirdest, most awesome game of soccer and absolutely loved it. 


That day when you climbed higher up the rock wall than you ever thought you could.


That one evening that taught you to truly appreciate something as simple and beautiful as a sunset.


That beautiful New Hampshire morning when you were sure you would never learn how to water ski, and then ended up going around the lake twice.


During an amazing evening activity in the dark that involved a race to build the biggest fire possible


That night you and your friends put on a fantastic musical theater production for the entire community.


In the cooking laboratory when you learned how to bake something incredibly tasty that was also peanut and tree nut free.


The middle of that practice when the super nice coach took extra time to explain it to you and your friends.


When you learned how to be a respected leader of your peers.


Down at the lake when you discovered that some of the best thrill rides in the world involve a NH lake and your best camp friends.


That warm afternoon where you photographed yourselves doing this just to see if you could do something fun and beautiful together. 


The fifth week of the summer when the camp owner and all of your friends formed a band and rocked out at the annual music festival


Friday Night during Brother-Sister Visiting, when even you had to admit that you’re closer with your little sister when Mom and Dad aren’t around. 


Realizing that you’ve made deep friendships with people from all around the world.


That afternoon you and your team played your hearts out in the tournament and the coach was just as proud of your sportsmanship as he was of the score. 


At daily breakfast assembly when one director hit another in the face with a pie in front of the whole camp community and no one could stop laughing.


When your toughest moment of the summer was made better by a hug from your counselor.


The arts activity where you discovered an amazing outlet for your creativity.


When 500 people sang “Happy Birthday” to you before breakfast and it was the best birthday you ever had.


On top of the mountain when you realized that you would be sisters forever.


Or at the campfire when you recognized how powerful it is to be a part of a brotherhood built on principles like honesty, caring and hardwork.


The award ceremony where you were celebrated for being a good and kind person.


The final moment of Color War when you got more excited than you had ever been before in your entire life.


And then cried your eyes out at the very thought of having to go home after 7 weeks of summer camp in New Hampshire.


The final night, when you realized that saying goodbye to these incredible 7 weeks of independence, self discovery, and personal growth was the hardest thing to do.


There are so many powerful moments that make up a season at our overnight camp in NH.  We invite you to learn more about the myriad ways we change the lives of young people.

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