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The many outdoor adventures and amazing trips our campers take

When I am visiting prospective camp families in their homes one of the most common questions I am asked is do K&E campers go on any amazing trips or outdoor adventures? The short answer is YES, and every age group goes on exciting day and overnight trips, including to beaches, caves, climbing mountains and canoeing to islands. These amazing trips are an important component of our brother/sister camp program which also includes team and individual sports, visual and performing arts, and tons of fun on our private lake. 

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Rather than writing more about the incredibly fun times that our campers have on these day and overnight trips, I thought I’d ask some of our most experienced counselors to tell you about where we go, and how they help make these adventures so exciting for our campers. 


Each week in our #CounselorConversations video series we gather four of our most experienced, talented camp counselors and ask them questions about life at our brother/sister camp in New Hampshire. And then we let the video camera roll. No script, no editing, and we don’t even share what the questions are ahead of time. We just have them talk about the intentionality that they use to help our campers have such incredible summers. These are their thoughts on why being a part of our summer camp community is so powerful, and the many intentional ways we help our campers make friends, have fun, and grow.

Take a look at our amazing outdoor trips and adventures

We hope that you enjoy getting to know Courtney, Josh, Sean and Rachael in this fifth episode of #CounselorConversations. As you can imagine, smart, kind, thoughtful, commited camp staff can make a huge difference in a child’s first experience away from home, and these guys are just a small sample of our 200+ talented camp staff.

The video is just over 9 minutes long and should tell you a lot about our brother/sister summer camp. If you retweet it please use the hashtag #counselorconversations. 

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