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The latest info on food allergy safety and products for Camp parents

faen-poster-final-for-web.jpgAs I mentioned in yesterday’s blog on Tuesday I was at a really powerful conference about food allergies and food service. There were lectures by a number of experts, including food producers, safety consultants, and even a representative from the Food and Drug Administration.

Topics of discussion ranged from best practices for avoiding cross contanimation in home or production kitchens, the latest medical research on effectively responding to allergies, visual and written training methods for kitchen or camp staff (both in English and in Spanish), and even the ever-evolving FDA guidelines on how food allergens are identified on packaging labels. 

It was the sort of conference where I couldn’t take notes fast enough to keep up with all of the cutting-edge information being presented. Thankfully, there were a ton of handouts, and I am extremely happy to share them with all of our camp parents and other readers!

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At the conference there were also representatives from dozens of packaged food brands on hand to discuss which of their products would be safe for kids in a peanut free, tree nut free (and often gluten free, egg free or dairy free) community like our overnight camp. Here are some of the samples that were given out yesterday. You might be familiar with some of these brands, and happy to see that they are now offering foods and snacks made in dedicated facilities. There are also many, many new companies that have created for anyone looking for a tasty and safe treat.


allergy-safe-summer-camp-treats.jpgMy favorite thing that I sampled were these delicious chocolate covered frozen fruit bars called “Fruit Dips”. They are fat free, dairy free, peanut and tree nut free, and gluten free. They are made by a company called Philly Swirl, who also make a delicious frozen novelty called “Swirl Popperz”. We are very excited to add both of these treats to add them to our menu for this coming summer!

bo and ty sweets.pngSpeaking of safe and tasty treats, if you are interested in candy made in a dedicated peanut free and tree nut free take a look at Bo and Ty Sweets. They are delicious, and also founded and co-owned by a Camps Kenwood and Evergreen family! 

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