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The key things elite colleges want to see, and why summer camp matters

On Tuesday I shared this wonderful Google Slide presentation one of our youngest campers created for a school project.It articulated her love for her overnight camp and her camp friends, but also demonstrated how much meaning she derives from being a part of this caring, nuturing, intentional community. If you haven’t seen it take a look below. 


I’m always touched to see how much passion our kids and counselors have for our camp community, and how important it is for their social and emotional growth. I literally have dozens and dozens of amazing college essays written by our former campers about the 21st century skills they acquired during their summers at Kenwood and Evergreen. I should add that the vast majority of these essays were written by students who gained entrance to their dream colleges and universities. 


So while thinking about all of this an interesting article titled “Yale’s new application questions give away the key things elite colleges want to see from students” came across my computer screen. What I found so intriguing about it is how in line it is with what our high school Seniors have been writing about in terms of their camp experiences for years in their college essays. Clearly, being a passionate member of a values-driven summer camp community is not just a way to develop one’s 21st century skills, but also has a long-lasting impact well into adulthood!

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