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The incredible creativity of our campers and their Halloween costumes

On Monday I put the call out for parents to send us photos of their Kenwood and Evergreen campers dressed up for Halloween and in typical fashion they did not disappoint! Check out these amazing, incredibly creative costumes.

Jack was the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, and Dylan and Chloe looked amazing as a black cat and a skeleton. Love the face paint artistry you two! Phoebe and Lucy both had incredible food costumes, with Phoebe as a container of french fries and Lucy as a milk shake. Max went as Michael Jackson, one of his musical heroes. Theo looked just like Harry Potter, and went trick-or-treating with his buddy Emma who looked like she was straight out of a 50’s Sock Hop. Rachel wins for best use of a pun with her homemade costume “Holy Cow”. Brooke looked great (and warm and toasty for walking around Halloween night) as Winnie the Pooh. Cilla also created her own concept by going as a Zombie Soccer Player. Genuinely scary, Cilla! Hannah actually created her own superhero named Archer, and developed the costume herself. LOVE IT, Hannah! Sisters Alex and Ashley looked fantastic as Mal from the Descendents and as a Policewoman. And Emery looked like she just stepped out the Broadway cast of Grease (our summer 2017 Junior Camper musical).campers-show-their-creativity-in-their-halloween-costumes-3.jpg

A special shout out to members of our alumni community as well. Great work by the Magueri sisters for their amazing cartoon character costumes, and a huge Acka-Lacka-Ching to Galit for dressing up as a Kenwood and Evergreen Counselor (take note of the whistle and clipboard).


We love seeing how creative the members of our camp community are, and love when you share with us moments like this. Whether you are a camper, staff member, camp parent or alumni please let us know when you want us to share the news or moments of your life. Please email photos and potential articles to

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