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The first camp snow day puzzle of the year is here!

We have a tradition here at our brother-sister summer camp in NH. When the entire Northeast is blanketed in snow, and campers are home on a school day, we post camp-themed snow day puzzles to help everyone keep busy and remember the fun we have each summer. So here is the first puzzle of this February 2017 snow day.

Camps Kenwood and Evergreen February 2017 Snow Day Puzzle


Hidden in this jumble of letters are 30 different activities that we offer each day when our summer camp is in session. The first current campers from each camp to successfully complete the puzzle wins either a camp Ice Coffee tumbler, a Kenwood football or pair of Evergreen sunglasses. It’s your choice. In order to win please post your completed puzzle on our official K&E Facebook page.

Good luck and get working!

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