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The first 5 episodes of our Counselor Conversations for new families

Five weeks ago we debuted a new webseries called “Counselor Conversations”. We asked four of the most experienced camp counselors at our brother-sister summer camp in NH to sit down and answer some questions about our community. Specifically, we wanted them to help new camp families better understand our rituals, how our program schedule works, and the thoughtful, intentional, and subtle ways that our entire staff works to help ensure that each of our campers has the best summer possible.


The episodes are getting tons of views and are prompting many of our new families to reach out with their additional questions (which we are both answering, and planning to address in future Counselor Convervation episodes). 

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Below are links to all five of these short videos, along with the blogs in which they originally appeared. 

Please check back after the New Year for episode 6 of Counselor Conversations, which will be all about how we balance competition and our community’s shared values. 

Episode 1: Our brother/sister camp counselors talk about the first day of camp


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Episode 2: Counselors at our summer camp for kids talk about homesickness


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Episode 3: Camp counselors talk about bedtime at our brother/sister summer camp


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Episode 4: Our camp counselors talk about the importance of free time for kids


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Episode 5: The many outdoor adventures and amazing trips our campers take

Take a look at our amazing outdoor trips and adventures

Camps Kenwood and Evergreen is a brother/sister summer camp in Wilmot, NH. We offer 4 and 7-week sessions for campers interested in having the greatest summers of their lives!