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The End Of An Amazing Summer For Our Brother-Sister Summer Camp

The end of an amazing summer for our brother-sister summer camp

brother-sister summer camp

This morning, just after the sun rose, 66 Kenwood campers and counselors lined the docks for the final Polar Swim of the summer. It was the single largest group we’ve ever had for this event, and it was an amazing way to start the final day of the summer of 2014!

Have you seen Jason taking the Ice Bucket challenge this morning at All Camp Assembly? 

As everyone packed up their bags we had a couple of important end-of-the-summer gatherings. I brought together every camper that had recommended our summer camp to a friend or cousin that enrolled. They each got a special Kenwood and Evergreen blanket as a thank you. We hope to give out even more next year! 

brother-sister summer camp

The last event of every summer at Kenwood & Evergreen is when we burn down the year. After the boys’ banquet and the girls’ campfire tonight each camp headed to their respective waterfront.  With only the light of the moon overhead a member of the camp leadership team waded into the water towards these enormous wooden numbers created by our maintenance team.  With a torch in hand the numbers were ignited, and a fierce fire burned brightly amidst the darkness of night.  At both beaches campers and counselors huddled together to reflect on the countless memories of the summer.  There were many tears and many more hugs of reassurance.  Slowly the flames of 2014 extinguished, and both beaches fell eerily silent.  And then for the last time this summer we gathered as Camp Kenwood and Camp Evergreen and sang “Taps”.  It was an awe inspiring last night of an incredible summer.

As I sit here to write my final blog of the summer I have started to look at the stats. Over 49 days it took more than 40,000+ words, 52 videos, and a couple hundred photos to try to describe the power and emotions of being a part of our brother-sister summer camp in NH. I hope that I have done it justice. This truly was an incredible summer in our community. This will be my final blog posting for a while, as even camp directors eventually need a vacation.

Camp is now quiet as we prepare for a very emotional early wake up.  The sky is a dark cobalt blue, and it appears that every star in space is visible tonight over our campus. Already we miss our campers and counselors, and can’t wait for 316 days to pass before the summer of 2015 begins. 

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