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The End Of An Amazing Special Event For Our Very Happy Campers

Amazing Special Event

The End Of An Amazing Special Event For Our Very Happy Campers

Today was another great day of Big Weekend. Just after breakfast the 6 teams had rallies to work on their Songs and Formations. The coaches of each team were asked to write a parody song about their team and the others. Our eldest campers, who live in buildings called Hut 6 and Juniper, had the task of teaching these songs to the rest of their teams. It’s part of their learning to be effective leaders in our community. After practicing their songs for a while the campers then began to work on their formations. Each team was tasked with telling a story about their mythological character by using their team members’ bodies to form shapes, letters, and even animated characters. Some teams had their campers wear 3 and 4 layers of different colored t-shirts, removing them at strategic times to help tell their story. This was a truly collaborative project, and everyone on the team had the opportunity to give their input. 

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Before performing their Songs and Formations the teams still had a day of games to play. There was tug of war, paddle board racing, and sand castle building on the Evergreen beach. On the Evergreen ballfield teams played a new game called Circle Ball, which was a modified version of kickball that required every member of the team to touch the ball after it had been kicked. On the Junior Ballfield there was 6-Goal Soccer, which also involved multiple balls in play at the same time. On one of the beach volleyball courts teams held onto a queen-size blanket, and had to work together to catch and lob the ball back over the net. All of the games were designed to help our campers worked on their 21st century skills, including team building and collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, and creativity. And while they definitely were working on these important skills, for them, it was just a really fun day playing somewhat goofy games.

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At Songs and Formations the teams showed off all that they had been working on over the past few days. The kids totally sang their hearts out. The creativity and ingenuity on display was not to be believed. Our counselors and campers are so clever. As a community we had so much fun laughing together and enjoying the displays created by each team. What an amazing special event for our very happy campers! 

And then it was over and everyone headed back to the bunks. As the lights were going off around campus I grabbed my guitar to play some music in the Kenwood Junior Camp bunks. I was able to hang out and sing in every Freshmen and Sophomore bunk, and introduced the kids to some of my favorite tunes by the Allman Brothers, Oasis, the Beatles, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones.

Now it is late, and once again our campers are all asleep. In the morning we will be fully into week #4 of the summer. This week our campers will be climbing mountains, white water rafting, canoeing, heading to the beach, safely leaping off of cliffs, playing in tournaments for lacrosse, archery, tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and more. Our senior campers will put on a broadway-style musical that they have spent almost a month preparing for.  And those are just the big things on the calendar. They’ll also be continuing to become more independent, resilient, flexible, and cooperative with one another. I look forward to sharing with you the many incredibly moments that happen this week at our summer camp in NH. 

This is a pretty incredible place to be a child. We invite you to learn more about how we have so many very happy campers.

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