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The chance to enjoy a natural wonder of our summer camp all year round

I’m feeling it today. I really miss camp. I miss the people, the laughter, and just being able to walk outside and take in the natural wonder of our incredible campus. While it’s only 110 or so days until opening day it feels like it’s a long way away, so I wanted to share something with our camp friends today: the Peepers. 

The what?

natural-wonder.jpgThe Peepers. Anyone who has ever spent a summer night sleeping at our overnight camp in NH has heard the nocturnal symphonies these tiny frogs put on for us during the summer. Just after the sun goes down each of them creates a sound that is a mixture of a chirp and an exclamation, and when 1,000 or more of them are doing it together it’s one of the coolest sounds in all of nature. And then, every few minutes or so, one of the big bull frogs lets out a solitary, bassy croak. Simply put, it’s gorgeous. I’ve spent the last 30+ summers listening to these guys put on their little show each night, and when I have to move back to “the real world” each fall one of things I most miss is this natural lullaby that helps me fall asleep. 

So a few years ago I decided it was time to record them. A few nights after the camp season had ended I brought out my recording gear and, well, recorded this natural wonder. For hours. And since then when I’ve missed camp or had any trouble sleeping I’ve put this recording on and felt like camp was just a little bit closer. 

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IMG_8462.jpgThis past Friday I was having dinner with Emily, Tommy, May, Josh and Jeffrey, some long-time members of our summer camp family, and as I talked about this recording I realized that I had never shared it with the rest of the camp community. I hope you enjoy it, and that it helps you feel like camp is in your life even in the dead of winter.

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