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The Activities And Adventures That Make Up A Day Here At Camp

What DIDN’T we do at Camp yesterday? It’s hard to say since there were so many fun things go on. 

These guys formed a running club, and as most of the camp was waking up they were out with Kanei from the Camp Office running a full circuit around the campus. They have been doing this every other day and with each run the group grows larger. What a nice way to start the day!


Here’s a sampling of the activities we had at Camp today:

Coach Chris ran basketball periods in the gym in the morning and then up on Senior Hill in the afternoon.


Girls and boys were having a great time practicing on the beam, vault and uneven parallel bars at Gymnastics.


These girls were making a satirical video about Camp, giving a tour while also lampooning life here. We can’t wait to see the finished product. 


In Photography the girls were learning how to make vector graphics using Illustrator.

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At Cooking the theme of the day was pizza, and everyone was getting to experiment with different toppings. A big part of the lesson was learning how to properly handle a knife, and how to safely cut and chop vegetables. 


There were a few different projects in the works at Arts & Crafts today. These guys decided to try and make a raft that could float on the lake. We got them a whole lot of styrofoam and they spent much of the morning water proofing and strengthening it with duct tape. When it sets sail we’ll see if it actual floats, and can support any of them. Love the creativity and collaboration, boys!


This talented young artist is shaping a dragon out of wire and then intends to cover it with plaster. I cannot wait to see how this sculpture turns out.


Many campers were learning how to make pinatas today by covering balloons in paper mache and then decorating them with colorful crepe paper. 


Over at Ceramics there were campers working on the potters wheel. 


There were also campers working on making sculptures. 


The theme at Tennis today was serving, and on the Junior Courts targets were set up that the girls and boys had to try and hit for points. 


On the neutral courts the older campers were working on their serving form. 

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Up on the FOD there were many soccer scrimages and clinics.


Over at the Archery Range campers were working on shooting the foam rubber zombie named Drop Dead Fred. 


After more than a week of trying to hit Old Fred in the head this young lady actually achieved her goal and shot him right in the pink tape around his eyes. This was a major accomplished, and her counselor and friends were there with me to cheer and celebrate with her! Way to work on this until you acheived your goal! 


Because it was such a hot, beautiful day groups were out on the inflatables all morning and afternoon. The kids have now named this area of Camp “The Chaos”. 


Kids were playing volleyball all day on the beach volleyball courts. 


We also had a number of trips going out and coming back. The Kenwood Sophomores left on their climb up Mount Kearsarge and tonight they will be having their campout. Their Unit Leader has all sorts of fun plans for the campout including teaching them how to rope burn and how to make banana s’mores on the trail. 


The Evergreen Sophomores also headed out on their own adventure, taking on the Pemi River with a canoe trip and camp out this evening. The girls could not wait to go on this trip and were regaling their friends who were new to Camp about why they have loved this trip in the past. 


Ever a silly group, the Kenwood Inters made their way to Cliff Island today for a canoe trip and overnight camp out. This was always one of my favorite trips as both a camper and counselor, and the boys are REALLY excited. 


Some of our Junior girls went out on a nature trip with Adventure Dave. They did some cliff jumping and passed through a waterfall before swimming in a natural and beautiful swimming hole. 

IMG_8562 (1).jpg

Adventure Dave took my waterproof camera with him yesterday on his trip to VT with Juniper and these are some of the pictures he took. This might help explain why our campers so love going on these sorts of outdoor adventures!





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It was a pretty amazing day for our campers both in and out of camp. We offered more than 30 different activities and 10 different outdoor adventures and tournaments. It was just another example of the fun, excitement and learning that takes place here every day of the summer!

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