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Thanks to our Bunk Counselors during #CampCounselorAppreciationWeek!

It’s day #5 of our Camp Counselor Appreciation Week and we want to send out a huge thank you to all of our incredible counselors who lived in bunks and lodges with our campers this summer. The members of this group go by many titles — Bunk Counselor, General Counselor, Junior Counselor and Unit Leader — and have an enormous impact on the lives of our campers. They dedicate their days to helping our campers have the best summers possible. They make life away from home fun, funny, nurturing, safe, comfortable, exciting, adventuresome and all around incredible. Our Camp Counselors are like a best friend, a mentor, a beloved teacher or coach, and a favorite aunt or uncle all rolled into one!

counselorappreciationweek--general counselors-1.jpg

We hope you enjoy this video tribute we made to our Bunk Counselors, Junior Counselors and Unit Leaders as part of #campcounselorappreciationweek. Please join us in giving them a big “Acka-Lacka-Ching” (one of our camp cheers of appreciation) for all of the fun, kindness and care they showed our campers every day of last summer!

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