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Teaching Kids Immeasurable Skills

I’ve been reading through Education thought leader Will Richardson’s blog lately, and came across this gem, in which I substituted the word “CAMPS” for “schools” to fit my thinking: 

“We have a case to make, I think, for valuing the immeasurable over that which can be easily measured, and that the powerful role that CAMPS can play now is not delivering that narrow curriculum (which is now in a million places) but in developing the skills and dispositions or the “opportunity to participate in civic and deliberative discussions” which, at the end of the day, is kinda hard to machine score. It’s not an easy case to make in this world of competition and ranking and sorting. But it is where our real value is now. How we articulate that value and move it into the mainstream thinking is where our collective laser focus needs to be.” 


The “Immeasurable” Part 2


We teach these skills every day at our summer camp in NH. To learn more click on the link below.


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