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Teaching Children Life Skills

Teaching Children Life Skills

At our summer camp in NH our focus is on creating the most developmentally impactful and fun experience possible for our campers. Each summer they gain skills traditionally acquired at overnight camp, like becoming a better swimmer or ball player, or learning new forms of visual arts. More importantly, at Kenwood and Evergreen we are also teaching children life skills like independence, resilience, and flexibility, along with how and when to compromise. These are vital skills that they will need throughout their lives, regardless of what they study in college or choose as their profession.

teaching children life skills

Yesterday, we received a letter from one of our 11-year old campers that demonstrates so much of what she has learned in her first two summers as a member of the Kenwood and Evergreen community. We are grateful that she and her parents have given us permission to reprint it here.

Dear Jason and Deena

Hi! I am so exited there is 41 days until camp starts! This is my third year I can’t believe it! Last year was a great summer. I had the best bunk ever. I got to meet new people and now 2 weeks ago I had a camp sleepover in NY. Me and Jennifer* were talking about bunk requests and we both requested the same people and we requested each other first.

When I first started camp I thought that I would never have a close friend and have the best summer with that friend. But this is the best camp ever. There are the best consolers and kids. I really want Jennifer to be in my bunk because last year we had a fight but this year is going to be different and I know it. We had 3 sleepovers this year a couple of playdates and lots of texting and face timing. I am sending you this email because Jennifer is really important to me and would be very upset if we weren’t together. Even thought we are so close we will always welcome other people and do things all together. Thanks for listening!

* this name has been changed.

In two paragraphs this articulate young woman highlights so many of the life skills that we try to teach of our campers each summer: how to form deep, lasting relationships with peers; assessing and taking healthy risks; learning how to overcome conflicts; critical thinking and problem solving; being an effective communicator; working on a long-term goal; finding your voice and being able to self-advocate to authority figures. We can’t wait to see how she and all of her friends blossom and grow this summer!

teaching campers life skills

Do you wonder how your child will acquire these vital skills? Are you searching for a summer camp that will teach your child to be his or her best self? If so, we invite you to learn more about Camps Kenwood and Evergreen in Wilmot, NH. 

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