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Our summer camp’s fall and winter traditions begin!

As an overnight camp we have many, many traditions. Some take place during the summer, like our ceremonial campfires, fabulous music festival, and Color War. Others take place during the 10 months out of the year when we are all away from our favorite place. One of those traditions is the annual ““Where Your Camp […]

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Make sure to participate in the “Where Your Camp Shirt” contest!

For many years our summer camp has had an annual contest called “Where Your Camp Shirt”. The rules are pretty simple: the camper or campers in each camp who travel the farthest from our beautiful campus in Wilmot, New Hampshire and snap a photo wearing a piece of camp apparel win a CampsK&E-related prize created […]

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Camp friends just make life better (and seem to last forever!)

I got back from vacation to find my email inbox FILLED with photos of our K&E camp friends hanging out with each other all over the world this week. Lowell hung out with Ben, Nate, Elliot, Jake, Posner, Nathaniel, Russell, Maddy and Reid, while former counselors Eddie, Mark, Luke and Amanda had a mini-reunion in […]

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Our Brother-Sister Summer Camp friends just love being together!

When we ask our campers and counselors at our brother-sister summer camp what their favorite thing is about our summer camp community the first response we always get it “my camp friends!” During our 7 week together each summer our friendships grow incredibly strong — so strong, in fact, that our campers and counselors (and […]

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Kenwood and Evergreen camp friends are forever

The incredible summer of 2015 at our camp in New Hampshire is sadly now over, which means that we have all had to get back to our “real” lives. Most campers have returned to school by now, and our staff is either back at their off-season jobs or resuming their studies. I know that I […]

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Camp friends make life more fun

It never ceased to amaze me how incredible the camp friendships are in our 7-week summer camp community. Week after my, my email inbox fills with images of our campers, counselors, camp parents, and alumni having so much fun together all year long. Even years after graduating as a camper, or a final summer on […]

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Fun Seeing Camp Friends Around the World Over Vacation

If you were on vacation last week I hope that you and your family had a fantastic time. we’re currently going through the many pictures we received of happy campers skiing, visiting warm places, and having all sorts of fun, often while wearing their Camp t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats. Remember that our “Where Your Camp […]

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Our Very Happy Campers Have Year Round Camp Spirit

Our very happy campers have year round camp spirit This week I got a nice note from the Erman family. While on vacation in Colorado they bumped into the Edinburgs! Mrs. Erman sent us this great photo of all four of our campers together, and it reminded us that it was time to talk about […]

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