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Videos of our Freshmen/Sophomore and Senior summer camp musicals

Here are our overnight camp in NH, our campers have many opportunities to participate in artistic endeavors. We have different studios for ceramics, photography, furniture building, dance, cooking, traditional arts and crafts, and film making. We also have a rock band music studio, and an annual music festival that took place just this past weekend.

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A fun day of playing, exploring, and learning at our summer camp

As you might have noticed I didn’t publish a blog this morning. That’s because I had the pleasure of hanging out with the Kenwood Freshmen boys on their mountain climb and overnight camping trip. This photo below is an indication of the fun we all had together. It’s hard to tell but this was them […]

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Many Examples Of The Arts At Our Summer Camp In NH

The Importance Of The Arts At Our Summer Camp In NH, and Jell-O Wrestling It feels like every day at our summer camp in NH has a particular characteristic or flavor to it. This past Saturday was all about spirit and being a part of a team effort. Sunday was about critical problem solving. Today […]

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