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21 ways to have a great first day away from home at summer camp

So your child is going away to summer camp for the first time. As you say goodbye there’s a big lump in your throat, and you wonder more than once “how is she going to have a great first day away from home?” “Is he going to make friends?” “Is this summer camp ready to […]

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An amazing first day at our overnight camp in NH

It’s a question children and parents ask me all the time: so what’s the first day like at Kenwood and Evergreen? Implicit in the question is the concern how do I know that my child will be ok in this new community?  Will she make new friends? Will he be glad that he signed up for […]

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The First Day of Summer Camp

An open letter about the first day of summer camp at Camps Kenwood and Evergreen in NH. Below is a letter that was sent to all Kenwood & Evergreen parents late last evening: It is a beautiful starry night; a perfect end to as perfect an Opening Day as I can recall. Your children are […]

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