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New Camper Questions About The Bus To Camp and Opening Day

The start of camp is just days away, and we know that both our new camp parents and new campers are getting really excited. We also know that many of our new camp families have important questions about what the bus ride to camp, and the first day of camp, are going to be like. 

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Special events, Free Time, and some things you might bring to Camp!

The start of camp is just about 2 weeks away, and I know that both parents and campers are getting really excited. SO IS THE ENTIRE CAMP LEADERSHIP TEAM! In recent days we’ve had a number of new families reach out with 2 important questions: 1) “what do kids like to do during their free time” […]

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New Camper Questions About Meals, Food Allergies and Bed Wetting

Here it is: the latest installment of our blog series “Answering New Camper Questions”. In recent weeks I’ve written about the bus ride to camp, what you might want to bring for special events, and how laundry works. This week it’s all about how meals work, how we help keep our campers with food allergies […]

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