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A summer at our overnight camp teaches you about healthy risk taking

As parents we want our children to be comfortable exploring the world, and yet we also want them to be quality risk assessors. Being an independent and responsible person requires proficiency in both. Like all other important life skills, this can only come with practice…and some failures. At our brother-sister overnight camp in NH we work […]

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21st Century Skills And Teaching Children How To Take Assess Risk

 Talking about 21st century skills and the importance of teaching children how to assess risk I hear it all the time: You work with middle school kids? That must be a nightmare! What a rough age. My response is usually something along the lines of “actually, I love working with this age group. Maybe it’s different […]

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Resilience, Adaptability, Healthy Risk Taking & Creativity

I know that I’m a very positive person. It goes with being a camp director. That said, today was a spectacular day at Camp, particularly in terms of our goals of teaching our campers non-cognitive skills like resilience, adaptability, collaboration, healthy risk taking and creativity. Where to begin…

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