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Join our camp at an amazing Food Allergy Expo on Sunday, April 30!

This coming weekend our brother-sister summer camp in New Hampshire is thrilled to be participating in the Northeast Food Allergy Product & Resource Expo. The largest gathering of food allergy products and services in all of New England, we are proud to be the only camp invited to participate! 

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A fascinating symposium on the latest food allergy label reading

Our summer camp in NH is known for many things, and thankfully, one of them is for being a safe summer home for campers with food allergies and sensitivities. For more than 15 years we have proudly been peanut free and tree nut free, and have served safe meals for children who need gluten free, […]

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Seeing your camp friends always makes you feel good

It’s really important to see your camp friends throughout the year. There’s just something about the friendships that you form at summer camp, and it feels so good to spend time with your camp friends during the fall and winter months! It not only reminds you of how much fun you have together each summer, but […]

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An amazing first day at our overnight camp in NH

It’s a question children and parents ask me all the time: so what’s the first day like at Kenwood and Evergreen? Implicit in the question is the concern how do I know that my child will be ok in this new community?  Will she make new friends? Will he be glad that he signed up for […]

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How we make our camp safe for kids with food allergies

One of the questions I am frequently asked is how do you make your camp safe for kids with food allergies? While most of our community members have no known allergies or intolerances, about 10% of our campers and counselors do, and they range from needing to eat peanut and tree nut free to having to avoid […]

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A great new addition to our incredible camp food

Over the last couple of years we have really ratcheted up the food that we serve at our overnight camp in NH. Three years ago we doubled number of chefs working in our dining hall, and radically overhauled our menu. As much as possible, we now serve meals cooked from scratch, with fruits, vegetables and even […]

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Our Overnight Camp Loves Being A Safe Place For Gluten Free Eaters

I love that our overnight camp is such a safe place for gluten free eaters (and peanut, tree nut, dairy, egg and even mustard free eaters, too!), and has been so more than a dozen years now. When we started accommodating our friends with special dietary needs we really were one of the only places out […]

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Information for Camp Parents About Camp Clothing, Meals & Bed Wetting

The start of camp is just over 100 days away, and we know that both parents and campers are getting really excited. We also know that even our returning campers have tons of questions as they prepare for the summer of 2015. In recent weeks we’ve written articles for parents and campers about camp bedtime rituals, why […]

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Another Amazing Special Event For Our Brother/Sister Summer Camp In NH

Another Amazing Special Event For Our Brother/Sister Summer Camp In NH Our camp community loves being together, and this weekend we had a really fun party in the Boston area. Veteran campers, staff and parents, along with many of our new campers, spent a Sunday afternoon playing Gaga and ping pong, working on art projects, […]

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How a sign alleviated stress about food allergies and intolerances

How a simple sign alleviated stresses about food allergies and intolerances This weekend I was a wedding and saw a simple sign that caught me by surprise. I was impressed at how respectfully and easily it addressed the needs of guests with food allergies and intolerances. Here is a picture that I took of the […]

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A Great Summer Camp For A Child With Food Allergies

We are a great summer camp for a child with food allergies! We were very excited to see that our brother-sister summer camp in NH has yet again been recognized for providing a safe home for our campers with food allergies and intolerances. Yesterday afternoon, wrote an article about the trend of summer camps […]

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Finding A Safe Summer Camp For Kids With Allergies

Recently, I was asked to be a speaker at an event hosted by the New England Chapter of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. The goal of this gathering was to help the parents of children with food allergies figure out if summer camp was even a possibility for their children. As a director […]

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