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Recordings from our music festival at our summer camp in NH

Our campers do so many amazing things each summer. They practice for weeks in teams and play in sports tournaments against camps from around New Hampshire. They climb mountains and camp under the stars.They learn how to waterski, rock climb, and how to successfully live away from home, and they begin friendships that will last a lifetime. 

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Camp bunk meetings teach leadership, collaboration and problem solving

Sunday’s are an important day at our brother-sister overnight camp. After recharging our batteries by sleeping a little late, our campers then spend the morning working together in their cabins. First, everyone changes their sheets, and then we hold bunk meetings. These meetings are a time for each person living in the bunk to share their thoughts […]

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21st Century Skills You Learn Playing In A Band

The 21st Century Skills You Learn Sharing Music and Playing In A Band Earlier this week many members of our Camp Administration got together for a special event in Boston. As a group we really like hanging out with each other, especially when it involves music Stevie Wonder was performing all of the songs off of […]

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