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Sun, Spirit, Singing and a Whole Lot of Softball at Camp Today!

We began this fourth Monday of the summer with all sorts of camp spirit since today was Evergreen’s Tri-State Softball tournament. For over 60 years we have hosted this special event and it’s a major milestone in the summer for our Senior girls.

Even before reveille woke up the camp these 6 team managers and spirit leaders were out in front of their lodge, ready to get the camp community excited.

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Once Scott woke up the bunks both of our girls’ teams jogged around the campus cheering in unison and doing calisthenics. Campers and counselors came out of the bunks to clap and support their many friends.  


For the last 3 weeks some of our girls have been practicing almost daily, hoping to make this a historic year for Evergreen Softball. Throughout the day we were making announcements over the PA system to let everyone know how they were doing. And they were doing REALLY well! 


Here’s how it went with our green team: they won the first game by a whopping 22-1. The won their second game 14-1. Their third game they won 18-0. Their fourth game they won 10-1. Going into the finals they were undefeated! 


Our yellow team also did really well. They won game one 19-4. In game 2 they lost 8-6. Game 3 was against our other Evergreen team, and they lost 10-1. We were really proud of them, too! 

Unfortunately, after a long day of great play, as our undefeated team prepared for the finals a thunderstorm came overhead. For safety reasons we had to bring everyone inside, and by the time it passed it was dark and the other team needed to head home. We are beyond proud of how all of our athletes played today and congratulate them on their skill, spirit and sportsmanship!


My favorite story from today’s tournament involved our starting pitcher for the green uniformed team. Twice in one inning a balk was called on her, and she was looking a bit confused. After the inning an inquiry was made and she explained “yes, I did stop my pitching mid-motion, but that was because the girls on the other team were in the batter’s box and not looking. I didn’t want them to get hurt”. Scott gave her an enormous hug and told her how proud he was of her. And then Jacki explained that as kind an act as she was demonstrating once the wind up begins it needs to be completed. But that’s the sort of kindness and empathy you see in our campers!


The rest of Camp was pretty busy today as well. It was hot and sunny so campers were loving spending time at the waterfronts. There was lots of waterskiing and tubing at both camps, and a whole lot of lounging in and jumping on the inflatables.








I had the opportunity to see an Evergreen camper make her first ever attempt at traversing the Nitro Crossing on the Ropes Course. She was a bit nervous at first, but with the encouragement of her counselor and the cheering on of her friends she made it all the way across!


All over Camp it was just a great day to be outside. Our coaches were on every field and every court throughout the day helping our campers increase their skills. 



Two friends walking together after a series battle on the tennis courts


A couple of friends who got a ride on the golf cart on their way back from an archery period


Even on our hottest days our campers LOVE playing game after game of gaga

It was also just a great day for hanging out with friends. Everywhere I turned there were groups of friends walking with their arms around each other or just enjoying spending time together. 


During Rest Period I hung out with this bunk as they were playing a very long, very involved game of cards. It was great to see them having so much fun and laughing so much together!


Today was a big day for music, too. With Hollowpallooza less than 2 weeks away every band and act is trying to get in as much practice time as possible. Some of our groups are starting to sound REALLY good. 


This little guy and his counselor friends having been working all summer on their rendition of George Michael’s “Freedom 90”. When I asked the lead singer, who is 9, with Hollowpallooza coming soon if he could sum up their band he replied “confident”. I like his style. 


There was a lot of work put into our plays today. There were rehearsals today for “Mama Mia!” our senior camper production, and for “Grease”, which will be put on after Visiting Day by our Junior campers. 


Throughout the day campers were working on their lines with Kelly and putting the finishing touches on their vocals for Friday’s big performance. 


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Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 8.34.10 PM.png

Tonight there were all sorts of fun activities going on. The Kenwood Seniors had a Hobby Night, while Kenwood’s Junior Camp had Watermelon League. Afterwards, the Kenwood Sophomores had a raging dance party in one of their bunks. The counselors wired up the bunk with LED lights and speakers and when I arrived EVERYONE was dancing up a storm. 

Courtney led Evergreen in a reverse auction. The girls brought every random thing that they could carry with them and then tried to match it to any idea of concept Courtney mentioned. As an example she asked if anyone had a match. Some teams looked through their belongings and said no after not finding a book of matches. One girl took the socks off of her feet and yelled “I’ve got a match right here!” 5 points were awarded immediately for creativity. 


Deena and I had a bunk of Evergreen campers over to our house to watch a movie and have some pizza. They had won this as a prize in the Gold Rush auction a few weeks back. It was so fun to hang out with them and see how much fun they have together.

Start to finish it was a pretty fantastic day here at Camp, and I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. We’ve got 40+ activities on the schedule in camp, along with multiple canoe trips planned, Kenwood’s Tri-State Softball tournament, contests against other camps for tennis and basketball, and, of course, some amazing Adventure Dave trips!

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