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Summer Camp in NH: Our Incredible Facilities

Our Incredible Summer Camp Facilities

While we believe that it’s the people who define a camp, we think our outstanding facilities go a long way in making Camps Kenwood and Evergreen the extraordinary place that it is. We have 210 acres of forest and fields, overlooking a half-mile stretch of private lake and beaches in New Hampshire. 

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An example of our incredible summer camp facilities are our bunks and lodges. Each camps’ sleeping quarters uniquely support the developmental needs of our boys and girls. In Camp Evergreen for Girls, each age group lives in their own lodge, which has multiple sleeping cabins linked by a spacious living room. Our girls tell us that lodge living is one of the most special aspects of life at Evergreen. The communal structure of our lodges gives every girl the opportunity to develop a real relationship with every other person in their group, while helping to prevent the development of cliques.

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Our lodges offer many of the comforts of home while still feeling like a New England summer camp. The lodge living rooms create a peaceful retreat for our girls to return to after a full day of activities. Live-in counselors offer guidance, advice, and a supportive adult presence that many of our campers find comforting and essential to a healthy and fun life at camp. Whether they are looking to connect with friends in the living room or take some time to relax in their bunk, we offer each girl the ability to have their individualized needs met. 

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In Kenwood, our boys’ camp, the bunks for each age group are clustered together around a common outdoor area for running, ping pong or having a quiet conversation with a new best friend. Every bunk has either an outdoor deck or porch. During free time campers use them for playing board games like chess and backgammon, jamming on their instruments, or just sitting with a group of friends for some quality hangout time. Our general counselors live in the same shared space with our campers so they can be fully involved in the daily lives of each and every boy. Our spacious bunks and large grassy areas give our Kenwood boys both indoor and outdoor places to make strong social connections.

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In both of our summer camps our counselors unpack their campers’ belongings and make their beds before they arrive. Our extensive research into social and emotional development has taught us that the first few hours at camp are crucial for helping new campers feel physically and emotionally safe in our community. To that end, rather than spending their first few hours unpacking (and likely growing lonely or homesick), campers at Kenwood and Evergreen immediately head outside for ice breakers, fun activities, and other rituals designed to help them make as many social connections as possible. Before the end of the day everyone has had a chance to go beyond learning their peers’ and counselors’ names, and start to figure out what they all have in common. Imagine how much comfortable and safe your child will feel as he or she heads to sleep on their first night away from home! 

summer camp in nh

Just like our incredible facilities, the activities and counselors at Camps Kenwood and Evergreen are second-to-none. We invite you to learn more about them by visiting our website.

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Camps Kenwood and Evergreen is an intentional overnight camp in NH. Each summer we teach campers skills like independence, resilience and social and emotional intelligence in an innovative program of sports, arts, outdoor adventure and water sports.