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Summer Camp in NH: Creativity and the Arts at Camp

Creativity and the Arts at Camp

The visual and performing arts are a major facet of life at our summer camp in NH. Each day of the summer our campers have the opportunity to build, paint, draw, photograph, film, and practice, which helps them develop their vital 21st century skills like creativity, resilience, collaboration, critical thinking and flexibility/adaptability. At Camps Kenwood and Evergreen in NH we have individual art studios for each of the following disciplines:

  • Traditional Arts & Crafts & Model Rocketry
  • Ceramics
  • Digital Photography & Comic Book Design
  • Film Making & Claymation
  • Rustic Furniture Building
  • Music Studio & Rock Band
  • Musical Theater
  • Dance & Aerobics
  • Cooking Science

Creativity and the Arts at Camp


The Arts & Crafts Program is a busy place teeming with creativity. Campers tie dye, build and launch model rockets, craft elaborate plaster masks, create beaded and silver jewelry, use a silk screen T-shirt press, and improve their drawing and painting techniques. We also love integrating the many different art disciplines that we offer. Campers construct and decorate scenery for our musical theater productions, paint elaborate backdrops for our annual music festival, or illustrate elaborate drawings for our annual yearbook.

Creativity and the Arts at Camp


Our enormous new ceramics studio is a young artist’s dream. With five potter’s wheels and more than 400 molds, campers will learn techniques including centering, throwing, slip-casting, coil, sculpture, painting, and glazing.

Creativity and the Arts at Camp


Campers will come out of our digital photography program with a great base knowledge of the fundamentals of photography, from composition to lighting to framing and more. A professional photographer will instruct your child on not only how to take and capture a great shot, but how to make it a great one using programs like Photoshop and iPhoto.

Creativity and the Arts at Camp


From beginning to end, our filmmaking program guides campers along the process of how to make a movie. Campers receive hands-on experience on nearly every role that goes into making a film, from directing to acting to writing to editing. Our professionally-trained counselors provide instruction on how to use high-definition cameras, lighting equipment, and editing software. They’ll even get to play with our movie studio’s newest toy – the green screen – for special effects. Don’t worry: their newfound skills won’t go to waste! Our campers make their own short films that will air during our end-of-year film festival.

summer camp in nh

Cooking Science

In 2013 we added our newest arts studio: Cooking Science! Campers of all ages worked with Chef Rachel the fundamentals of recipe reading, sauteing, and baking. Over the course of the summer campers also learned about the science of heating proteins, working with different types of starches, and even experimenting with their own interpretations of recipes. In just a few weeks senior campers in both camps will begin forming their teams for our annual cooking contest called “Iron Chef“.

Creativity and the Arts at Camp


Our Rustic Furniture Building Program redefines the phrase “built from scratch.” We want our campers to know the entire process of building something – including picking out the right piece of lumber and wood. Most of our resources are found in the beautiful forests around our campus. Campers venture out into the woods looking for fallen branches, trunks, etc. that can be turned into materials for their projects.The bark, branches, and logs that are used to make our projects come straight from the New Hampshire forest that we call home.Our campers have made everything from benches to dollhouses to jewelry boxes to rustic signs to ping pong tables for their Camp bunks. No matter what they create, your child will be able to take an actual piece of Camp home with them.

Creativity and the Arts at Camp


We’ve made our Performing Arts Program a major focus and pillar of our summer camp experience. Each age group performs in a musical theater production, learning the whole process from conception to performance. Campers learn about costume design, scenery construction, lighting and sound tech, and blocking and staging, and then put it all into practice for the big performance. Collaborating on a major production with your peers results in real and lasting confidence – and is tremendous fun! For the the 2014 summer, we our campers will be putting on plays like “Legally Blonde,” “Seussical,” and “The Wizard of Oz”.


Dance and Aerobics are much-loved activites at Camp Evergreen. In 2010 we built a new dance and aerobics studio on the ground floor of one of our girls’ lodges. Dance and aerobics are offered each weekday, and campers have the chance to learn Jazz, Modern, and Line dancing, or get their heartrate up while participating in classes such as step and strength training. In 2013 Camp Evergreen was proud to win both NH dance tournaments for summer camps! 

Creativity and the Arts at Camp


Whether your child is already an accomplished musician or is just looking to pick up an instrument for the first time, our Music Program caters to musicians of any and all skill levels. Our counselors provide individual and group music lessons on a variety of instruments, including electric and acoustic guitar, piano and keyboards, drums, and bass.

Maybe your child has always dreamt of being a standout pianist or even violinist in their school band. Maybe they’ve always wanted to be in a rock band, but haven’t had the confidence to play music with others. Or, maybe your child has dozens of beautiful songs trapped in their mind but doesn’t know how to play an instrument, and has no way to share their music with the world. At Kenwood and Evergreen, campers are given all the tools and resources to make those dreams a reality.

Summer Camp in NH

Our budding musicians even get the opportunity to show off their skills at the Hollowpalooza musical festival – one of our biggest events of the summer. Our campers and counselors spend 5 weeks each summer practicing in bands and ensembles in anticipation. On the first Saturday in August the entire community gathers together around a professional sound stage for a 5+ hour outdoor music extravaganza. Pop, rock, classical, jazz, country and hip-hop — they play it all. We even hire a professional sound engineer from Boston who records the entire concert. He spends much of the fall mixing the 50-plus tracks into a box set that we give to everyone as a Chanukah and Christmas present!

Camps Kenwood and Evergreen is an incredible place to discover your passions! We invite you to learn more about our incredible summer camp in NH by visiting our website. 

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