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Summer camp friendships really can last forever


As we approach the start of the summer of 2016 it is wonderful to see so many of our campers, counselors, and even alumni getting together. Over the weekend the Hughes, Dank, Finard, Rosenberg and Tanguay girls got together for some good times while on Nantucket. 

IMG_3887.jpgJust a few days earlier Kenwood Sophomores Noah, Michael L, Jack and Jason D hung out together one afternoon in Westchester. 

This past weekend a large group of former campers (who were or still are counselors) got together for a fun night in NYC. Daniel, Isaac, IMG_0113.jpgJeremy, Zach, Elizabeth, Sadie, Sarah and Rachel met at our overnight camp a decade ago, and it makes us so happy to see that they are all still so close!

Just like these well dressed young men below. While Josh Cantor and Ben Peskoe are cousins, they met their good friend Josh Kahan as campers back in 1998, and then were 13308330_943358474930_4859384126109528614_o.jpgcounselors together years later. Congratulations, Josh, to you and the whole Kahan family on your wedding this past weekend. We were thrilled to see that your Hut 6 buddies were there to celebrate with you!

The camp wedding celebrations aren’t only in our boys’ camp. The camp alumni community gave a big cheer two weeks ago when Lauren Block announced that she and her longtime boyfriend Stephen got engaged. Lauren started with Camp Evergreen when she was 13, and then was on staff for 6 summers as a Junior 13308240_10101258873139957_3949744866990194078_o.jpgCounselor, Counselor and then Unit Leader. We’re so excited to see her so happy, and love this picture of her Juniper 2002 buddy Ronna Boyer Antar celebrating with her. Make sure to send us pictures from the big day!

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Camper Abigail celebrated her bat mitzvah a few weeks ago, and as a 2nd generation member of the Evergreen Sisterhood some of her mom’s camp friends were also in attendance. It makes us so happy to see that our former campers who haven’t spent a summer at K&E since the 80’s and 90’s are still hanging out and celebrating life’s big moments together. We love that Jen, Liz, Margot were there to celebrate with Lauren!! 


Looking at all of these photos, one of the things that occurs to me is how few of these camp friendships would have happened had they not grown up at Kenwood and Evergreen. In each photo there are people from different towns and different states who arrived at our brother-sister summer camp as children and met people who would become some of the most important friends of their lives. Most of our campers blaze a trail when they join our overnight camp, actively choosing to not come with friends from home. Instead of relying on the security old relationships, they elect to go on an adventure to this new place in the hopes of making as many new friendships as possible. And year after year that’s exactly what happens! 

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But not all of our campers and counselors come from the Northeast. There was a camp reunion in New York City last weekend with current and former campers and staff from places like Boston, England, Georgia, Wales, and even Australia. In the group were people who started in the Kenwood and Evergreen community at age 8, and age 18. Some spent a summer or two with us while others are in double digits. Regardless of seasons spent with us or place of origin, our overnight camp in New Hampshire has become a part of who they are. 

As someone who started here at 8 years old I can identify with the beaming smiles on so many of these faces. Camp is a place to make some of the most important friendships of your life, and in the process, grow in ways you never imagined possible.  Camp friends know you better than anyone, and love you for who you truly are. Thankfully, camp friendships really can last forever. 

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