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Summer Camp Cooking

One of our favorite things about our overnight camp in NH is that our campers have the opportunity to participate in activities that can become lifelong passions. In recent years we started a summer camp cooking program, and it was loved by boys and girls over all ages.



summer camp cookingWe hired a culinary art student who the kids quickly renamed “Chef Rachel”. Throughout the summer she taught our kids not only how to cook and bake, but the science of food. Her classes discussed different methods of food preparation, how proteins respond to different types of heating, and how to prepare delicious foods in healthy ways.


summer camp cookingEach week we put one of our favorite recipes from our summer camp cooking program up on both our website and our Facebook wall. We invite you to make these recipes and let us know how they turned out. Send us a photo of what you prepared and we’ll post it on our Facebook wall!


summer camp cooking resized 600

summer camp cooking resized 600


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