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Staying at camp for 7 weeks is amazing and teaches resilience

Yesterday was the end of our first four weeks of Camp, and as part of it, we had an amazing Family Visiting Day. A handful of our first-time campers made the decision to go home (with a plan to return next summer for a full summer), and the rest proudly elected to stay for the entire 7 weeks.

So why is staying for our entire 7-week summer session a choice so many of our campers happily made? Actually, there are a lot great reasons. Here are the first fourteen that we thought of:

14. It’s more time to have fun!

There are so many fun things to do here. Ride on the Rock-It or go off of our 27-ft tall water slide. Play flag football with your buddies. Make candles and jewelry in Arts & Crafts. Stand on the benches and sing at the top of your lungs after a meal with your arms around your friends. Go rock climbing and then build a sculpture in the Pottery Shop. Become a better lacrosse player. Our kids did all of these fun activities today!

7-week summer camp

13. We do incredible stuff every day, and doing stuff is cool.

Like the 35 different activities we offer each week. Activities like lacrosse, baseball, soccer, basketball, furniture building, rock climbing, fishing, wake boarding, dance, and more!

brother-sister summer camp

12. Our days are amazing, and our evening activities are unforgettable.

This week during evening activities our kids will be playing Capture the Flag, designing their own clothing, sleeping out on mountains and islands, competing in an Iron Chef cooking contest, participating in a campus-wide scavenger hunt, having a homerun derby, and tubing around the lake. And that’s just THIS week. 

7 week brother/sister camp

11. You have the opportunity to complete the super cool projects you’ve been working on all summer. 

Like the rocking chair you are making in Wood shop. Or the movie you’ve been editing in the Film studio. Or becoming even better friends with the kid who sleeps in the bed next to yours.

7-week summer camp 

10. You can go on more amazing outdoor adventure and overnight trips.

Mountain climbing and camping out overnight. Canoeing to an island and sleeping under the stars. White water rafting and mountain biking. Learning to cook over an open fire. Spending magical time exploring the natural world with some of their best friends and favorite counselors. This is just one of the reasons to stay at camp for 7 weeks.

7-week summer camp

9. There are so many more sports tournaments.

Today we hosted an Ultimate Frisbee tournament (we won!) and played in a Soccer Tournament (we came in 2nd). Later this week we’ll have travel teams participating tournaments for Basketball, Soccer, Swim Team, and 3-D Archery. And that’s just this week.

7-week summer camp  

8. We have another fantastic theater production coming up.

Each summer every one of our campers has the opportunity to be in a Broadway-style musical theater production. This coming Friday our 11 and 12-year old boys and girls will put on a version of “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown”. They are so excited to step onto that stage to sing and dance in front of all of their camp friends. Learning to take healthy risks like being in a play is something our kids love doing at our overnight camp.

7-week summer camp 

7. The 8th Annual Camps Kenwood and Evergreen Film Festival will be here soon.

This is the 8th year our summer camp in New Hampshire has hosted a film festival of camper-made films, and it has always been a fabulous showcase for the creativity and artistry of our campers. This year we are taking it to the next level with special juried categories for films including Lego animation, Comedy, Music Video, Special Effects, Underwater Photography, and more!

7-week summer camp

6. Friday Night’s Drive-In Movie and Carnival are camper favorites.

Our brother-sister overnight camp has some of its best special events during the 5th weekend of the summer. On Friday night we’ll be having our Drive-In Movie. We’ll place a humongous movie screen and PA system on one of our soccer fields, and then all gather to watch a blockbuster movie outside while the stars come out.

7-week summer camp

That Sunday our campers and counselors will put together a Carnival with amazing booths, rides, cotton candy, corn on the cob, water slides, and more all afternoon. It’s a pretty spectacular weekend. 

5. Every camper looks forward to Hollowpallooza, our incredible annual rock concert.

Each year at Kenwood & Evergreen our campers and staff put on a multi-hour music festival on the 5th Saturday of the summer. Last year more than 50 different bands took the stage to make some amazing music. There were also dance performances, face painting booths, photo booths, and more. Oh, and about 2,000 glow sticks. 

7-week summer camp

4. During the last 3 weeks of the summer we have our Color War!

Our Color War is a non-stop thrill ride of team spirit and camaraderie. It begins with a surprise event called a breakout, and then is multiple days of cheering, singing and playing sports with more heart and determination than you ever thought possible. Take a look at one of our more recent breakouts, and some footage from last summer’s amazing Color War.

3. You learn how to be a more resilient person.

Saying goodbye to your parents isn’t always easy. Learning how to go through a tough moment and then resuming your incredibly fun life at camp is a major developmental milestone! Some children don’t learn how to do this until they are college age. Our campers learn to do this while surrounded by nurturing adults and supportive friends. They also unanimously did it with great success in under a half hour yesterday! Acquiring this kind of resilience is just one of the advantages 7-week summer camp can give a child!

7-week summer camp

2. It’s more time with your camp friends.

Our campers tell us every day that the friendships they form here are some of the most important of their lives. 3 weeks of more summer camp means 3 more weeks with your best, most loving, friends in the world!

7-week summer camp

1. You have almost 50% more opportunities for incredible growth.

Staying for the final 3 weeks of the summer means more time to work on the crucial 21st century skills that our campers develop at our summer camp in NH each year. It means more time to grow, to mature, to work on becoming your best and happiest self!

7-week summer camp

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