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Sports, Teamwork, and Friendship

Sports, Teamwork and FriendshipOnce a summer we have a special event called “Spirit Day”. Both sides of our camp spend the day playing sports and having fun with the campers from another. We all eat lunch together, get to know one another, and in some cases see friends from home. It’s sort of like having a tremendously large play date that focuses on sports, teamwork and friendship. 

Today our boys traveled to Camp Pierce Birchmont, and the Birchmont girls traveled to us. Over the course of the day our different units played them in a myriad of team sports, including Softball, Soccer, Kickball, Gaga, Dodge Ball, Newcomb, Volleyball, Tennis and Basketball. It was a great day for sports and sportsmanship, as both camps focused on playing well and having a great time. Every camper in Kenwood & Evergreen played in multiple games. It was fabulous to see our kids and coaches giving it their all, while always remaining good sports.  This was true for all participants, and we were incredibly impressed by the sportsmanship of our new friends at Camp Birchmont!

Sports, Teamwork and Friendship

I spent half of my day with our boys, and half with our girls. In both locations I saw some fantastic games. Our Kenwood Freshmen and Sophomores each had great games of Newcomb, diving in the sand, working together as teammates. They dominated in almost everything they played. The Kenwood Inters, fresh off of yesterday’s big Baseball win, were a force to be reckoned with in Softball and Soccer. Our Juniors won in both Basketball and Softball. Our 13’s, 14’s and 15’s played so many games it’s hard to remember all of the different scores, but like their younger Kenwood brothers our Seniors won about half of their games, and had a fantastic time playing some very nice kids. 

Sports, Teamwork and FriendshipAfter lunch I saw a number of amazing Evergreen games, including the single best Junior Camp Softball game that I have ever seen. Our fielding was excellent, and our starting pitcher faced down some very good hitters. The Birchmont team had TWO 12-year old campers who could pitch windmill, and they were really talented. But over the course of 6 innings our players adapted to their pitching styles, and eventually came from behind to tie up the game. In  extra innings we put runners on second and third, and with two outs a well-placed line drive to right field drove a runner home. The entire field erupted with celebration. Mia and I were jumping up and down, so happy to have witnessed this incredible win.

Throughout the rest of the day I watched Evergreen Freshmen play Newcomb and Soccer, and our Sophomores win at both Dodge Ball and Softball. Our Inters and Juniors played amazingly well in Basketball, Tennis, Softball and Soccer. Like in Kenwood, our Evergreen Seniors played more games than I can keep track of, winning about half of them and all of them ending with close scores. 

I loved seeing everyone have so much fun. I loved seeing so many great games, the teamwork and the sportsmanship. I loved how in one week all of our different age groups are now able to come together and play so many different sports so well.

Without question a great time was had by all!

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