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Special events like our Carnival bring us together for a ton of fun


This was the final day of our Homecoming Weekend at our brother-sister overnight camp. To close out this incredible weekend this afternoon we celebrated with our annual camp carnival. This special event goes back to our founding in 1930, and it is also a great day for fun, creativity, and good times with friends. After all of the excitement of yesterday’s Hollowpallooza music festival we slept a little late, and then began to prepare for this afternoon’s amazing special event. Every camper and counselor was very excited for this year’s theme: Star Wars.

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Our Evergreen Freshmen and their camp Big Sisters spent the morning creating costumes to become Darth Vader, Princess Leia, R2-D2 and C3PO. Then just after lunch the entire girls’ camp gathered on the lawn to watch as our Freshmen put on skits and sang songs that their Big Sisters had written for them. It was funny and creative and everyone looked utterly adorable. 


Ten minutes later the entire camp community gathered on the side of our soccer field called the Hollow. A group of counselors put on a funny skit based on this year’s Carnival theme, and which involved elaborate choreography involving camp’s golf carts as space ships. Then our Freshmen boys also had a chance to dress up as their favorite Star Wars characters, and put on a very funny skit written. Last but not least, our Juniper girls put on their annual dance routine. 


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Then we all made our way to the Junior ball field and Gymnasium for an afternoon of olde school games, rides, food and fun all created by our campers. Both areas had been converted into a massive fairground. Counselors were serving cotton candy and snow cones, and later on popsicles and corn on the cob steamed in our kitchen. There was a waterslide, a dunk tank, and the biggest slip-n-slide that you’ve ever seen. Oh, and horse and pony rides, too. 



Each bunk created their own special activity booth to entertain the rest of camp. The counselors in the photo below spent this morning painting R2-D2 and C3PO on this board, and then stood behind it while people took turns bopping them in the face with wet sponges.


The bunk below tied donuts to strings and ran contests to see who could eat them faster. It was a great day for creativity and silliness. It was also a great day for collaboration, one of the 21st century skills we teach here. Campers had to figure out how to work with their bunks to successfully plan and execute their booth’s activity. And in the midst of doing it they were having a ton of fun, so it just felt like one more exciting, funny day of camp. 


Sadie was a bit new at running the cotton candy machine


As is tradition, our senior campers had a contest to see which bunk could shuck a bushel of corn the fastest. Then our kitchen team steamed them, and in the middle of Carnival we treated everyone to some fresh, hot, locally grown corn on the cob. As is also tradition, our counselors took great pleasure in announcing the call “FRESHMEN COOOOORN”.


We also had a dunk tank, and the line to be dunked was just as long as the one to throw the ball at the target.  There was skee ball and face painting, guessing games, and both an obstacle and miniature golf course. There was loud, thumping pop music and friends running around together just having an unbelievably fun summer day, enjoying their unstructured time together. Special events like our carnival seem to be beloved by our campers, in part, because everything isn’t done for them. They run the booths and create the costums, and they get such pride in being responsible for their part in it being a success. I love that our kids have opportunities like this here at our brother-sister summer camp.


Like these good friends and the ones below. Once they had finished their shifts at their booths they spent much of the afternoon covering each other in soap bubbles, riding on the slide and slide, and just having an amazing afternoon of fun and friendship. Camp friends just make life better, and days like today that much more fun! 


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Our summer camp in NH has amazing special events throughout our 7 week season. We invite you to learn more about all of the fun and learning that takes place here each summer.