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So Much Going On This Morning

so much going on this morning at campThere was so much going on this morning at Camp! The Kenwood 11’s Soccer team was out at a tournament and came home with a 3rd place showing. The Kenwood 12’s Tennis team had all sorts of success, with campers placing in the semi-finales and quarter-finals, and another camper winning the entire event for anyone who lost their first match. We also had a precious 9-year old who actually beat his 12-year old opponent! Great work, guys! The Kenwood 3rd year seniors also spent the day at lifeguard training, and while it left them exhausted they apparently learned a great deal.


Evergreen’s Inters and Juniors enjoyed a fantastic day at the Whales Tale waterslides, while the Evergreen Seniors were at Weirs Beach for the morning and afternoon. Around Camp people seemed very happy to return to regular activities after a spectacular Big Weekend.


Tonight in Kenwood we had Junior Camp Capture the Flag (you should have seen how the boys celebrated when I announced that this would be tonight’s evening activity). At the last minute I came up with a new innovation in the game: in each quarter only a certain age group could play defensively. So in the first period all of the flags and jails were guarded by Freshmen, and in the second it switched to Sophomores. Very quickly it became clear that my experiment was successful, as it gave our younger campers more responsibilities during the first period, and more of an opportunity to try and run with the flag later on (while the bigger kids took over guarding their areas). I was thrilled at the outcome of this new idea, and how receptive our campers were to the change. I love how willing people are here to try something new.


Evergreen had its own favorite event tonight: Camper Hunt. Imagine the largest game of hide-and-go-seek that you’ve ever seen! At the start of the game campers rushed in pairs and trios around the campus, hoping to find the perfect hiding spot. If they got caught all was not lost: Evergreen plays this game with many rounds, so that everyone has more than one chance to outsmart the counselors!


In my most recent blog I lamented the untimely demise of my beloved laptop. Amazingly, by 11am today Apple computers had not only given me a new computer, free of charge, but had found a way to migrate all of my files from my damaged hard drive! So with that in mind I hope that you enjoy some of these images that I had meant to share with you last evening!


I wrote this paragraph about this video:

Toward the end of the morning I walked up to the Senior Hill Basketball court and accidentally stumbled upon one of my favorite moments of the entire summer. All of the activities finished just as I arrived, and with a few minutes to spare before the next events a group of campers grabbed the basketballs and started taking some shots. More campers joined them. Some decided to play a little 1-on-1, while others formed groups to play Horse. Others took turns taking free throws and shots from the 3-point line. I turned my video camera on and watch as this completely unscripted dance began with about 60 boys and girls, young and old, coexisting peacefully on the court. Over ten minutes I saw more fun, more friendship, more understanding, and more kindness than you often see in a week outside of this little world of ours. Not once did I see a single moment of conflict, not once did I hear an unkind word. When I receive my new computer tomorrow I hope to be able to share with you the video of this incredible little moment of camp.

Afterwards, Scott had each Rope Burning participant stand in front of the community with their arms around one another. He praised them for their grit and determination, and for the deep bonds that they have formed with each other during their camper careers. I could see on the faces of our younger campers how in awe they were of our oldest kids. It was yet another incredible little moment of this summer and of this weekend, and tomorrow I hope to be able to show you a particular photo of this group that I took last night. It's pretty powerful. 


so much going on this morning

After such an exciting event I wandered down to the Evergreen Freshmen bunks with my guitar. Our youngest girls and their counselors joined me in their living room.

 so much going on this morning