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So Many Reminders That Camp Friends Are Forever

We hope that you had a happy Thanksgiving wherever you were. Early Wednesday morning, as we were driving south on I-84, I looked to my left and saw Ropes Course counselor Connor Saunders excitedly waving in the passing lane. Saturday afternoon, as we made our way back home, the car on the left struggled to get my attention. When they did I saw that it was bunk counselor Eli Levine and his mom and dad. Great seeing all of you on the roads (and yes, Deena took the photos so that I could safely drive!). Here’s to having such enthusiastic community members, and such an identifiable New Hampshire license plate. It reads: CAMPK&E.


We weren’t the only ones spending time with camp friends this holiday. All weekend long we were receiving texts and emails with photos and stories of your planned or surreptitious camp reunions.  The Karlyns spent the holiday with the Edinburgs, and the Caroline Coyle bumped into Evergreen counselor Jaqueline Davis and future Kenwood counselor Lucas Jacobs. Sydney and Amy got together for some dress up silliness, while a host of summer 2014 Evergreen freshmen had what looked like a great sleepover at the Spiegel’s house. I was happy to see Hut Six 2001 members Gabe Sterne and Ben Offenberg popped up on my newsfeed. I’m glad you two are still hanging out together, even though you live on different coasts! And in the UK there was a mini-counselor reunion with Ffion, Ally, Eric, Dean and Gail. Camp friends are forever, no matter what your age or where you live! 


As everyone was just coming out of their Thursday turkey food coma we had a great camp alumni reunion at Everwood Day Camp, our sister camp in MA. Former campers and counselors from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, along with many current and future Kenwood and Evergreen campers, joined us for a morning of playing Gaga, working on art projects, and just enjoying being together. Friday’s gathering was just further proof that at Kenwood and Evergreen Camp friends are forever!


Our next camp event will be on Saturday, December 13th at the Longfellow Athletic Club in Natick, MA. This will be a reunion for anyone who was a camper or counselor during the summers of 2013 or 2014. At the reunion we will be swimming, playing indoor basketball and soccer, reconnecting with our camp friends, and watching the premier of our summer 2014 video yearbook! For more details about this event please click on this link for our online calendar. As with all K&E events, the camp reunion will be completely peanut and tree nut free, and we will also have gluten free pizza on hand for our GF friends.

Tomorrow’s blog will continue our ongoing weekly series profiling some of the talented K&E coaches and teachers, and will further explain how we teach 21st century skills at our arts and sports activities. On Wednesday we will be making a special announcement about our new summer 2015 camp clothier. Make sure to check that out. We are very excited!

Camps Kenwood and Evergreen is the summer home for children from around the world interested in playing sports, making lasting friendships, creating incredible art projects, and mastering the 21st century skills they will need to become tomorrow’s innovators. 

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