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So many great summer camp evening activities in just one day!


We try to make every day here exciting and fun, and every evening creative and thrilling. As many nights in a week as possible we want them to participate in evening activities that they just couldn’t do anywhere else in their lives. Today was a great example of some of the crazy, silly, imaginative, collaborative things we like to do together as the sun is setting over our campus. Take a look!

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summer camp evening activities

Black Lite Night

Deena and Courtney spent the better part of the afternoon covering the windows of our dance studio with black paper, and then installed about a dozen 4-ft black lights. Just after dinner each unit that was participating received jars of glow in the dark paint, and for about a half hour the girls went crazy painting designs on their arms, legs and faces.

summer camp evening activities

When they crossed through the curtains and into the room there were glow sticks all over the floor and dance music blasting. As you can see the girls were thrilled with this new evening activity and can’t wait to do it again!

summer camp evening activities

Black Lite Night, part II

I didn’t want the boys to be left out, so this evening, after their own activity, Deena and I surprised the Kenwood Freshmen with an invitation to our house. When they arrived they saw different colored lasers shooting through a thick layer of theatrical smoke. Just as with the girls, the dance music was loud and thumping, and the boys had an absolute blast! One young man from NY said to me “Jason, this is the best party I’ve ever been to!” 

brother-sister summer camp

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brother-sister summer camp

Iron Chef

Tonight was the 10th annual Iron Chef competition up on Senior Hill. Cooking Specialist Emily and her panel of celebrity judges spent the evening watching and coaching as each of our 1st Year Senior huts and two groups of 3rd Year Seniors collaborated on making the ultimate pizza on a gas grill. They had about 50 ingredients to choose from, and had all sorts of criteria on which they were judged (including cleanliness, knife handling skills, taste, and of course, presentation).

brother-sister summer camp

overnight camp for boys and girls

Hut 3 won with their innovative combination of a fully risen dough, a homemade red sauce, and the prettiest presentation. For this they were each awarded our traditional Iron Chef prize, The Golden Spatula. 

Tomorrow night our Evergreen Seniors will have their own Iron Chef contest with its own special ingredients!

overnight camp for boys and girls

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overnight camp for boys and girls

Home Run Derby

Before the start of their dance party the Kenwood Freshmen had their annual home run derby. After more than 4 weeks of working on their hitting in the batting cage, tonight was their night to show of their stuff. Each boy stepped into the batter’s box on the Junior Ball Field and swung for the fences. Everyone cheered for every hit, and everyone went crazy with excitement when a ball sailed over the outfielders’ heads and into the woods.

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Tubing Party

The Kenwood Juniors spent the evening having what we call a tubing party. Using our new favorite apparatus — the water couch — groups of 4 were pulled around the lake by our waterski boat. 4 more camp friends sat in the boat and enjoyed the ride as the heat of the day finally began to break. Every time the boat passed by you first heard the roar of its engine, and then the shrieks of the boys’ laughter. What a wonderful night to be outside and on the lake!

overnight camp for boys and girls

Paint Balloons

Our Evergreen Freshmen and Juniors had an incredibly messing time this evening. Head Counselor Courtney set them up to have a water balloon fight…but in the midst of it they realized that many of the balloons were filled with food coloring. There was so much laughter and excitement when this was realized, and by the end everyone was soaked in red, blue, green and orange.

summer camp in NH


Tonight Courtney premiered one of her latest ideas: painting a large mural as a group. Our Sophomore and Inter girls rolled out massive swaths of black paper and worked together to paint a birthday banner for Phyllis (her big day is tomorrow!) and a design concept that they developed in collaboration with one another. As you would expect, they also made sure to cover each other head-to-toe in paint while laughing hysterically!  

summer camp in NH

This is what life is like here at our brother-sister overnight camp in NH. It’s fun and silly and about doing amazing things with your camp friends that you just can’t do anywhere else.

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