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So happy to be back at our beautiful summer camp in New Hampshire

beautiful summer campI woke up this morning, back at our overnight summer camp in New Hampshire for the first time this summer. The sun was shining, the grass was all freshly mowed, and everywhere I looked I saw something beautiful. After breakfast my family and I strolled around our campus, marvelling at how much we had missed being here, and how happy we all were to be back. 

The photos in today’s blog were all captured on our morning walk by my iphone. The image above is of our private lake, where our boys and girls swim, kayak, waterski, dive, fish, water slide, and wake board every day of the summer. Though it was incredibly beautiful this morning, it was also far too quiet for my taste. I look forward to the sounds of splashing and laughing returning in just a couple of weeks.

Below is a picture of an area called The Compound. I spent 4 glorious summers of my youth living in this area of Camp, and then another 4 as a counselor. This is where our youngest male campers live each summer, and the buildings form a ring around a big grassy area that’s similar to a quad at a college. During moments like Free Play after dinner the Compound comes alive with campers and counselors playing catch, jamming on their guitars, having massive Magic Cards tournaments, and just enjoying being together. This summer, one of my son’s will be living here for the first time, the 3rd generation in my family to do so. 

beautiful summer camp

Just last year we opened up this new space show in the picture below. The kids’ refer to it as the FOB or Field of Dreams. It’s a FIFA regulation size soccer field, and also one of the many fields where our campers play lacrosse, flag football, ultimate frisbee and more. If you look closely you can see that we were not alone on the field this morning. A family of geese were out on a walk, too, and the mother and father and their 7 goslings were also enjoying the lovely NH morning air. 

beautiful summer camp

This was taken in the heart of our campus. On the left there is actually one building obstructing the full view of another. In front is our new theater (it seats about 550), and below it is where we have cross fit, and where we store our mountain bikes and camping equipment. Behind the theater is our dining hall, where our boys and girls camps come together twice a day to eat meals. Both buildings look out on the Hollow, a smaller sports field where our younger campers practice and play.  

beautiful summer camp


After walking all around Kenwood and Evergreen we took a short ride on my golf cart to a place we call the Mill Stream. It’s about 3/4 of a mile down the Camp road, and it is a multi-mile chain of natural waterfalls, rock formations, and swimming holes. It’s one of my favorite places on earth, and I have been leading groups of campers and counselor on explorations to it for almost 2 decades now.

All spring, as the snow and ice has been melting on the top of a nearby mountain, it has traveled downhill to this gorgeous bit of splendor. As you can see, the water was flowing heartily today, and though it was only about 60 degrees, we all happily jumped in. We swam, we explored, and we talked about how excited we are to have all of our friends and extended family back at our beautiful summer camp once again. One of my intrepid young explorers even crawled under a waterfall for the first time, and proudly gave me the thumbs up to say “Dad, I’m ok and this is super cool”.

beautiful summer camp

Our world-class facilities are not what make our camp a special place. The people, the traditions, and the culture are why our campers and staff return year after year. But after more than 30 years of being a part of this community I must admit that I love that I can walk around and still be inspired by the beauty of this wonderful place.

beautiful summer camp

Take a look at our beautiful summer camp’s fabulous facilities

Camps Kenwood and Evergreen are brother-sister summer camps in New Hampshire. For 85 years we’ve been helping campers become better athletes and artists while making some of the most important friendships of their lives.