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Snow Day Puzzles and Superbowl Bingo Cards

I love how much fun our summer camp in NH has together, even when we are hundreds of miles a part. With the start of Camp 150 days away, and with a massive snowstorm bearing down on much of the northeast, many of our campers, parents, counselors and alumni spent Tuesday connecting with us online for some virtual snow day fun.


Starting at 10am on the day of the storm we posted a series of codes, puzzles and clues to our Facebook wall for our community members to break and solve. Some involved unscrambling methods of encryption while others required interpreting a series of images to name a place on our campus. Every half hour a new puzzle was posted, and throughout the day members of our Camp family from around the entire globe were posting their best answers. I spent the entire afternoon online, chatting with the many, MANY people who were trying to be the first to correctly answer each puzzle. I love that even in the midst of a massive blizzard our kids and adults turn their attention to our summer camp community. It was so much fun to be in touch with everyone!  

Puzzles like these are an important part of our summer camp experience.  During incredible weekend events like Monopoly, Oddlympics and Clue, or in our Color War Treasure Hunt, we ask groups of campers to work on solving complicated riddles and codes. Banding together, they feel like they are working on a fun and silly Camp game, but what they are really doing is practicing some of the crucial 21st century skills that are at the heart of our overnight camp experience. To solve these problems they must use creativity and critical thinking. By taking part in these events they learn through real life experience that the teams that communicate and negotiate best with each other typically are the most successful. These are powerful lessons to learn while having a fantastic time at summer camp with your friends! 

Here are some of the puzzles that we posted during the snowstorm. Please post below if you are able to solve any of them!





And since our Camp community has such a good time playing games like these, we want to offer you something fun for this weekend’s Super Bowl. If you and your family will be watching the game with a crowd of friends and family here are Bingo cards that we designed just for Super Bowl XLIX. There are 15 unique cards that you can download, and they have been designed to help keep younger people stay interested in the game longer. If you use them please take a photo and send it to us. We’d love to know if you and your party enjoy them!

Download Our Superbowl XLIX Bingo cards

Bringing our community together virtually is certainly fun, but it in no ways compares to the good times we have when we are together in the same place. We are so excited to see our campers, counselors and parents at our upcoming reunion on Saturday, February 7th from 5:00 – 7:00pm at Chelsea Piers in Stamford, CT. For more information about this very special event please click on this link. We can’t wait to see so many of you next week!!  

Camps Kenwood and Evergreen is a 7-week brother-sister summer camp in Wilmot, New Hampshire. Our program has provided campers with summers of fun, friendship and incredible growth since 1930.

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