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Scott’s keynote on growth mindset to the Chinese camp community

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As I mentioned earlier in the week, much of the Camp Office team was recently in Beijing. We went to see our returning campers and host a camp reunion, but we were also in China to take part in the 2nd China Camp Education Conference as guest speakers.

Each of us was asked to present on a topic about which we were passionate. Josh and Sean discussed the creative special events that K&E offers each summer — along with the 21st century skill outcomes we try to generate in while playing All Camp Capture the Flag, Gold Rush and Counselor Hunt. David gave a lecture on how he recruits and manages our incredible camp counselors, and what tools he uses to vet each and every job applicant to help make sure that they are a match for our community. I presented on the many ways we try to create a long-term partnership with our camp parents, and why it is so fundamental to the health of our camp community. 


On the final day of the conference Scott gave a keynote address that was streamed live around China, and was watched by over 100,000 people. It was focused on the topic of Growth Mindset, and the importance of establishing the right conditions for learning, exploration, and even failing, for a child’s optimal social and emotional development. 

In just 30 minutes he introduced an entirely new educational framework for most in the audience, and as you can hear in the applause at the end, it was incredibly well received. Some might say revelatory. I invite you to take a look, as it may itnroduce you to some new concepts, and give you a greater understanding as to why Camps Kenwood and Evergreen is so focused on teaching 21st century skills like creativity, independence, and resilience to our campers.

Learn why our camp focuses on teaching children 21st century skills