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Scott speaks at the Massachusetts State House about Child Development


Earlier this week I was excited to join Scott at the Massachusetts State House for a special event. Scott had been asked to be a part of a panel discussion with physicians, heads of charitable foundations, and school administrators from around the State. The topic was creating a holistic approach to child development through public policy. Addressing state representatives and their staffers, they spoke about the need for new approaches to ensure that young people had adequate access to necessities like clothing, food, health care and education. As the owner of summer camps, Scott had a dual role in this gathering: he spoke as both a small business owner, and as a child development expert.

Most of the panel spoke about struggles preparing children for kindergarten and the K-12 years. As part of his remarks he tried to convey a crucial message: that our state and national policy makers need to focus on helping produce young people not only prepared for high school and college, but the rest of their lives as members of the workforce. Here are some of his remarks:

When it comes to the totality of the sort of skills that kids need to have, and thinking about the experiences that our children are exposed to during their out-of-school time, parents really don’t really have a narrative for that. They do what they think they should do, they do what their friends and neighbors do, and they often don’t connect their children’s out of school time, programs or experiences with actual outcomes. In early childhood they do, and in K-12 they do, but in thinking about what their children could learn in out of school time settings there really isn’t a conversation about that. It’s certainly not data driven, and is mostly out of habit. 

I think what we are leaving on the table is the opportunity to impact the conversation and expose children to more intentional developmental experiences. 

So exactly what intentional developmental experiences was he referring to? What out-of-school time could truly help prepare children from all social strata do better in school, and ultimately be more prepared to enter the workforce? Quite simply: summer camp. There is now compelling research and analysis that shows just how impactful summer camp can be at teaching vital life skills like independence, resilience, self-directed learning, adaptability, and the ability to collaborate with others. 

If you would like to see a short presentation on how effective quality summer camps are at teaching these skills I invite you to click on the link below.

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