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Scenes from the fabulous day after Visiting Day

It was the morning after a wonderful Visiting Day and everyone seemed to be in a good and silly mood. Like this guy who decided to wear an octopus on his head to breakfast. 

RookieDay - 1 (20)

It was a morning for first time campers to celebrate with their counselors that they decided to stay and enjoy the last three weeks of the summer. 

RookieDay - 1 (12)

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It was a good morning for hugging friends, too. 

RookieDay - 1 (8)

The weather was warm and sunny and the lake was filled with happy campers bouncing on all of the inflatables.

RookieDay - 1

Bands were practicing in the music building for our upcoming Hollowpallooza festival this coming Saturday. 

RookieDay - 1 (9)

Basketball practices were also taking place in the gym (since we all know that Color War is coming soon!). 

RookieDay - 1 (6)

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Both the ropes course and rock climbing wall were open, and campers were trying to complete new challenges. 

RookieDay - 1 (4)

There were also some very spirited games of Gaga.

RookieDay - 1 (5)

The members of our different dance teams were practicing for Thursday’s tournament against camps from around New England. 

RookieDay - 1 (10)

Over at Arts & Crafts campers of all ages were making buckets and buckets of slime. 

RookieDay - 1 (11)

On the softball and baseball diamonds our coaches were running practices and drills. 

RookieDay - 1 (2)

The Kenwood Seniors took a day trip to Hanover and these guys came back with a fun toy they all had to share.

RookieDay - 1 (14)

Chef Charles and his team made a fabulous lunch of homemade mac and cheese, and a delicious black bean, tomato and cheese sandwich that had everyone talking. Dinner was marinated chicken and steak soft shelled tacos with all sorts of grilled vegetables to layer on. 

RookieDay - 1 (7)

After such a busy day Evergreen enjoyed sitting together and watching a move in the theater. 

RookieDay - 1 (15)

Kenwood’s younger campers had one of their favorite evening activities of the summer: Junior Camp Capture the Flag. 

RookieDay - 1 (19)

Everyone tried their hardest, and at the same time had a lot of fun. 

RookieDay - 1 (17)

A good time was definitely had by all. 

RookieDay - 1 (18)

The teams were incredibly fair, with the final score being a fabulous 700…to 705! Afterwards, the boys stood together and held hands while they sang Taps.

RookieDay - 1 (22)

So many wonderful moments of happiness, of playing, of trying new things, and of being together for the start of the 5th week of this incredible summer!

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