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Saying thank you to some of those who help our summer camp community

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dining hall magic - 10At breakfast assembly we celebrated an important K&E tradition. We asked every camper who had recommended our overnight camp to a friend or relative for this summer to step forward and be thanked by the community. After everyone cheered we presented them with a much coveted super soft K&E sweatshirt blanket. 

Our campers and staff were cheering because these guys didn’t just help us recruit new campers. They also helped us find amazing new friends to join our extended camp family, and help keep our camp community full and strong. So please join us in thanking these guys with a big “Acka-Lacka-Ching!”

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While the weather was not quite as picturesque as the last two days our kids were still happy to be playing and having fun, and mostly outside. I watched some fantastic Evergreen Crossfit and Wood Shop periods, and all day girls were leaping off of the docks and excitedly using every sort of inflatable they could find. 

In Kenwood I watched Logan run one of the best tennis periods I have every seen with our Juniors, as it had them simultaneously working on their ground strokes and footwork while also laughing hysterically. 

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With Hollowpallooza just three days away music was definitely on a lot of people’s minds. In the Music building I sat in on a number of periods, including one where a group of 12 year olds were practicing a song they wrong the lyrics and music to. It’s REALLY good. I also was invited up to Senior Hill to hear Hut 6 give a rehearsal for what they intend to perform on Saturday. Like so many bands or groups I heard today it sounded excellent, and I am so proud of how hard they have been working on it. 

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For lunch we had our weekly picnic, and it was great to see friends sitting together just so happy to have a chance to eat, talk and laugh. Our dining hall team put out a wonderful meal of pizzas, salads, different types of non-meat proteins, and a variety of fabulous desserts.

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Our plan was for dinner to have cookouts around the campus, but around 4:30 it unexpectedly started raining and would not let up. Before I could even contact the kitchen team they had reached out to say “we’ve got this!” Wednesday most of our chefs have the day off, but because of their commitment to our kids those who were available stepped in and stepped up, and within an hour they had created a BBQ feast for over 500 people, including safe and delicious meals for our GF and Dairy Free friends. 

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Before the meal was served our entire community began celebrating their efforts, stomping their feet and cheering in appreciation. When the team came out to take a bow the entire dining hall shook with applause. It was a wonderful meal and an example of how much love our Kitchen team, and our entire Support Staff Team, puts into what they do here. 

On behalf of the entire Camp community we want to say thank you for what you did tonight. 


Some of the members of our amazing Support Staff team, including Housekeeping, Maintenance and the Dining Hall

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