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Rope Burning Is An Amazing Special Event At Our Summer Camp

Rope Burning is an amazing special event at our summer camp

Today was Truce Day for Camp Kenwood’s Color War. Our boys took a day off from this week’s special event. Evergreen continued with day #3 of their Color War. Tonight was one of the favorite events of the entire summer: Rope Burning. While our younger campers watched and cheered our 15-year old Juniper girls took part in a race to see which team could build a fire tall and strong enough to burn a rope suspended 10 ft in the air. I shot and edited a video of tonight’s event (actually, I used 5 different cameras so that I could get the proper angles for you to truly understand how awesome this amazing special event is). I hope that you enjoy it!

And a quick shout out to Ms. Maria Twigg, who apparently reads my blog every day from her home in Prestatyn in the United Kingdom. Thanks for being a loyal reader!  

Our campers do some pretty incredible things at our brother-sister summer camp in NH. We invite you to learn more about all of the exciting, fun, enriching moments in our community each and every summer. 

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