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Rain or Shine, the fun never stops!

It has been a wonderful week here at camp and I hope that you have had the chance to follow along on our Instagram Stories. Activities have been great, and your children have been immersing themselves in bunk life and building new friendships with their peers and counselors.

My two very favorite moments this week weren’t activities or events that were planned…they emerged when nature challenged us to adapt. The first was on Tuesday, when the temperature soared to 90 degrees. I bought a fire truck at an auction about 20 years ago, and other than being an interesting set piece in Camp, it goes from curiosity to “heaven sent” when we turn on the pumps and bring out the fire hose on super hot days. Seeing your children dancing and running around while getting sprayed with joy and abandon was inspiring…so inspiring that I jumped in and joined them! Other members of our Leadership Team did the same, and the utter delight on your children’s faces was something I will always remember.

Today nature threw us another curveball, with a full-on rainy day. The secret of rainy days at camp is that they are actually necessary from time to time. We move at a pretty fast pace here, and having a day to slow down, enjoy some in the bunk activities and spend more time in arts and other indoor program areas is refreshing. But as morning rain turned into afternoon rain, the kids were itching to get outside, and counselor Ben Kaiden had a great idea. How about a slip-n-slide down the side of the Hollow? Our Leadership team knew a good idea when they heard one, and soon a full hillside slide was in place. Gravity and soapy water were the fuel for an incredible afternoon of fun…low tech, unplugged, good old-fashioned fun!

As the day draws to a close, I’ve just come back from Kenwood Senior Hill, home to our 13-15 year old boys. As the parent of such a boy, I know that even exciting things seem “boring”, and much of life is rated “meh”, despite my best efforts to offer up exciting entertainment. You can imagine the smile on my face when teen after teen told me how this day of rain, 60 degree weather, and soapy fun was their very favorite day of camp so far. I know that our Evergreen campers and our younger boys agree. Cold, wet, soapy and happy were the ingredients that warmed the soul after a long Covid year, and today was a “reset” day we will always remember.

Look for our Weekly Highlights video, which will be posted soon!

With joy from Eagle Pond,