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Quite possibly the greatest Color War Breakout ever!

CW6_Breakout-044.jpegThis is our new friend Megasaurus

At our overnight camp in NH we like creating special events. We like to have fun. Sometimes we even like to go a little crazy. Tonight was one of those nights. Just as our girls were finishing Plaque and Skit Night, and our boys were heading to bed, there was this soundtrack that began playing all over camp. It commanded everyone to the Hollow. 

All 500 campers and counselors ran at full speed to discover a WWII-era Sherman tank driving onto campus. Already cheering at top volume, they had no idea what was in store. Flaps on top of the tank opened up, and out came a massive dragon named Megasaurus…and it breathed fire! Then it turned, picked up an old camp car, and tore it apart with its massive steel jaws. And, of course, it continued to breath more fire.

When it seemed like it couldn’t get any more exciting Megasaurus turned and began to smash a nearby pickup truck…and then its doors flew open and out ran the 4 coaches for this year’s Kenwood and Evergreen Color War. I’m still filled with adrenaline as I write this. 

Take a look at this 4 minute video we shot of tonight’s Color War breakout. 

We want to thank Head Counselor Courtney Chaloff for dreaming this up, along with Head Counselor David Walsh who helped plan this elaborate special event. As so many of our campers were cheering tonight this really was quite possibly the greatest Color War Breakout ever!

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