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Pursuing Passions and Trying New Things at Our Overnight Camp in NH

We woke up this morning to some delightful news. Spokin, the food allergy app, had profiled us on their website in a list of “Top Food Allergy-Friendly Overnight Camps”. For a very long time we have been proud to be the summer home for boys and girls allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, mustard, dairy, eggs, citrus, mustard, and more! Click on the image below to see what they said. And thanks to Spokin for recognizing our efforts to keep our friends with food allergies safe!


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There was a whole lot going on in and out of Camp today. The Evergreen 11’s hosted a Soccer tournament against other girls camps from around NH. It was hot and humid all day long but our team was ready to play hard. At the end of the day they were undefeated and we are thrilled to announce that they won the tournament! Cha-hee-Cha-hah to our 11 and Under Soccer players!


The Kenwood Inters packed up just after breakfast and headed out to Mt. Major for their first overnight expedition of the summer. The weather is just right tonight for comfortably sleeping outside under the stars (or in a tent), and we can’t wait to hear their stories from when they return.


Kenwood’s Freshmen and Sophomores were also out on a trip today, taking in the sun and sand at NH’s famous Weirs Beach. Throughout the day the boys and their counselors played frisbee and football and can jam, and of course took lots of dips in the lake. Scott hung out with them for much of the day and took these great photos of the boys having a great time together.



It was a great day to lie in the sun here, too, and our girls were happy to be using every inflatable they had to hang out with each other and enjoy this beautiful summer day. 


In the Arts & Crafts studio kids were learning how to use different pigments and dyes to make one of a kind designs both on paper and on fabric.


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Another group of campers was working on creating their own deck of playing cards, planning to design all 52 images. I love seeing how creative our kids can be, and how much they love collaborating with each other on projects like this.


At Archery Justin created an extra special treat for the kids, having them shoot their arrows at balloons either filled with water or shaving cream. By the end of the day it was a big, happy, amazing mess!


Even in the heat and humidity of the afternoon our boys were on the upper basketball court working with Coach Chris on their layups and outside shots.


Tonight was our weekly Wednesday Cookout, with our counselors cooking and grilling for their campers. I am proud to say that all over campus I heard exclusively classic rock tonight, including Elton John, Steely Dan, the Beach Boys and the Beatles. 


In Kenwood the evening activity was called “Hobby Night”, which may be the most popular night of the week for our boys. With so many passions to pursue here, our boys love having a night to focus on whatever they want.


For many campers Hobby Night is about extra time to work on a particular skill. This evening our instructors and coaches were running clinics for soccer, basketball and tennis. 


There were also the lesser celebrated sports like Bocce and the card game Spit. 


Gymnastics was open and tons of fun, and about a dozen campers went off of the Zip Line at the Ropes Course. 



Our art teachers had their studios open as well, and campers were getting extra help learning to edit a movie, build rustic wooden furniture, jam in the music building and silk screen t-shirt in arts and crafts. 

In the Photography Lab campers were learning how to design their own logos, and how to use Photoshop to edit their faces onto read baseball cards. 


Up on Senior Hill it was game night with campers playing chess, backgammon, cards, and the suddenly very popular Bingo. 


Tonight was one of Evergreen’s signature events: the Luau Beach Party. Organized by our Junior girls, this event is about being a little goofy, dancing up a storm, and just having fun with your friends. The beach was wrapped in streamers and dotted with tiki torches while fun dance music played all night. Campers wore grass skirts and plastic leis around their necks. Our wonderful chefs made enormous platters of carved fresh fruit. There were limbo contests, face painting stations, hula hooping groups, and sandcastle building challenges. Everyone had a blast. The entire night was about bonding as a camp, and feeling comfortable being as silly as possible.



My favorite part of the Evergreen Luau is that it begins with every single Junior girl welcoming all of the younger participants to the beach. Just like our male counselors do on Opening Day, they hold hands to form a human tunnel and formally greet every single camper as she walks down the stairs. There is even an older friend at the bottom to place a flower lei around their necks as yet another reminder that Evergreen is a sisterhood and all are welcome.

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Many thanks to our Evergreen Juniors for all of the hard work and planning that went into this special event. I know that it meant a lot to the younger campers, and it was inspiring to us to see how focused they were on making this event mean something to everyone involved. 

We’ve been here just over 2 weeks and it’s incredible how much our campers “get it”. They have learned to be comfortable trying activities outside of their comfort zones while also pursuing their passions with gusto. They have learned how to be strong and independent while also becoming more empathetic friends and bunkmates. They have learned how to find humor in almost any moment of the day while also understanding the value of hard work. There are so many incredible moments in every day here, and for all of us on the Camp Leadership Team it is such a gift to be able to watch and experience so many of them.

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