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Preparations for serving amazing camp food this summer

The start of the summer is just a few weeks away, and there’s a ton of excitement up at Camp. We assembled a dream team of chefs, cooks and bakers in our dining hall, and they are busy working every day to create the tastiest and healthiest menu possible in time for your arrival!

camp-foodWe are thrilled to announce that many from last summer’s kitchen team will be back this year. Chef Arnaldo arrived on campus just last week, and has been wowing everyone with his new camp menu ideas. On Friday our lunch included grilled subs with oven roasted turkey, avocado and tomato, along with the tastiest brocolli and pasta salad I’ve ever eaten.

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As you may remember, Chef Arnaldo is the house dad for a college sorority in Illinois. For many years his right-hand man has been a gentlemen named Chef Robin. Well, after having such a great time being a part of our overnight camp community last summer Chef Arnaldo brought Robin along with him. He’s fun and funny and has been whipping up some amazing meals thus far, including a marinated roast chicken with seasoned rice that we all devoured last Wednesday night.

camp-foodWe have another great member of last summer’s Camp Chef team back with us: Chef Kyla! Last summer Kyla wowed us with her farm-to-table soups, gluten free meals, and delicious vegetarian entrees like her sweet potato and black bean salad. If you want the recipe please click on the link below. Yet again Chef Kyla is back with her big, sunny smile with a whole new list of amazing vegetarian meals to bring to our camp community.


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Kenwood2016001051.jpgBut Arnaldo and Kyla are not the only superstars from our camp kitchen team back for another summer. Yup, that’s right: Baker Kristie is back, too! Kristie made a name for herself on the opening day of last summer when she created over 500 incredible Minion cupcakes to welcome everyone. For 49 straight days she tempted our sweet tooths with some of the best homemade cookies, brownies, cupcakes and muffins in our overnight camp’s 85 year history! 

amazing-camp-foodFor the last week she’s been back in the camp bakery experimenting with all sorts of new ideas and recipes. One of our favorites was a dessert bar made up of peanut and tree nut free granola, craisins and dates. It’s absolutely delicious, loaded with fibre, and contains no high fructose corn syrup. This is just ONE of her new creations. Wait until you see what she has planned for opening day of the summer!

Meanwhile, this isn’t the only great news about this summer’s kitchen team. Later this week I have at least one more announcement (and maybe more…you never know!) that should make our campers with food allergies and sensitivities EXTREMELY excited. If you eat gluten free, dairy free, egg free, or require any other special type of diet at camp this is news that you will not want to miss!

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