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Postcards from our overnight camp’s past, and our Alumni reunion

alumni reunionIn just under a month our overnight camp in NH is about to begin its 86th season! And in that time we’ve created some pretty cool relics and regalia. One of Scott’s pastimes is finding treasures from Kenwood and Evergreen’s past that pop up on places like Ebay. Just last week he found this beautiful postcard that neither of us had ever seen before!  All these years later our campers and counselors still enjoy this view of Mt. Kearsarge every day of the summer.

alumni reunionLast week Scott also found this postcard on the left. While we have a couple of copies of this one in the Camp’s museum, what he found on the back makes this particular copy extra special.

As you can see below, it is written by a young lady named Marcia, and addressed to a family with the last name of Huberman. For those who know the history of our overnight camp, it was founded by Ken Huberman, and he and his wife Bernice had a daughter named…Marcia. It is likely that this postcard is not only more than 70 years old, but that is once belonged to the family who created our beloved community. How incredible that it survived all these years, and that it eventually made its way back to us!

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alumni reunion

This week we’ve been thinking a lot about the history of our camp, and in particular, how much we love our alumni community. In fact, we just announced that August 19-21 we will be having our tri-annual Camp Alumni Reunion. Formers campers and counselors from around the world will be joining us for an amazing weekend of seeing friends, campfires, Jell-O Wrestling, Rope Burning, Battle of the Wits and so much more! If you are over 21 and a graduate of our camp community you do not want to miss this camp family reunion!


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