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Participate in our camp spirit “Where Your Camp Shirt contest”

As so many of our camp families head out on vacation this week we just want to remind you that the “Where Your Camp Shirt” contest is still on and going strong. If you go somewhere fun this coming week show your camp spirit by snapping a photo of you wearing a piece of camp apparel and send it to us. There’s a special K&E prize for anyone who participates. At the first morning assembly of this summer we will present a really cool prize for the person who traveled the farthest while wearing their camp shirt or sweatshirt.

camp spirit

During the December break campers Michael and Zelda took the lead in this contest, traveling to different parts of Asia. So where are you going for this vacation? If you are skiing, catching some sun in FLA, hiking around Europe, or just having a quiet staycation, send us a photo of you wearing a camp shirt. We have some fun camp spirit stuff to send you!

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camp spirit

We are also want to give an “Acka-lacka-ching” to the Finsters for not only using the Super Bowl Bingo Cards that we made for last weekend’s event, but for sending us a great photo of Maddy in the midst of playing. For playing the game, and then sending us this photo, we have just sent you guys this package of fun camp spirit stuff. Enjoy!

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camp spirit

Whatever you do next week we hope you have a fabulous vacation. And remember: there are only 133 days until Camp Opening Day!!!

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