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Over 30 Fun Activities In Just One Day At Our Overnight Camp in NH!


It was the first day of Camp and we had a LOT going on. In fact, before dinner we had offered more than 30 different fun and exciting activities at our brother sister summer camp. Sports, Arts, Water Fun, Outdoor Adventure — this day had it all! Here’s what we had going on during this first full camp day of the summer:

Baseball Gymnastics Cooking Laboratory Kickball Ceramics
Soccer Photography Rock Climbing Ultimate Frisbee Volleyball
Basketball Film Making Arts & Crafts Lacrosse Water Slide
Tennis Ropes Course Rock Band Wood Shop Blob
Swimming Paddle Boarding Fishing Theater Dance
Boating Archery Pitching Batting Cage Gaga
Street Hockey  Yoga  Golf Driving Range  Racket Smackit Football 

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As I made my way around our campus here’s what I saw.

The Evergreen Seniors were enjoying all of the inflatables at the Waterfront. Campers were cackling with laughter while going off of the rope swing…IMG_4877.jpg

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…while others were taking in the hot summer sun with their friends. 


An intrepid group of explorers tried out our new blob, which is now part of a multi-element circuit that connects to a hang out spot, the rocket and our waterslide! When you are sitting on one side of the blog a friend can leap onto the other side and send you flying into the air and then back into the lake. The silver connecting platforms are also slick when wet, and make for a terrific slip-and-slide. The whole thing is SO much fun. 


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Many Kenwood Seniors began their summer in the art studios. When I arrived at the woodshop these guys were drawing blueprints for the cool projects they plan to build this summer…


…while this guy was busy making a sculpture of a stegosaurus. 


There were also lots of Senior boys deeply engaged in sports. On the Field of Dreams a group of friends were took part in a World Cup Soccer match…


…while others were in the Gym playing a fantastic game of street hockey. 


Some of our youngest Evergreen campers had their first lessons in the Gymnastics Pavillion…


…while others were working on their team building and communication skills at the Ropes Course. 


Everyone seemed super excited about our new Archery counselor Justin, and each time I was there girls and boys were working on their form while hitting lots of reds and yellows. 


Our movie making counselor already had campers out in teams learning how to frame their shots and conduct interviews with people that they found interesting… 


…while in Arts & Crafts campers were learning how to turn pure wool into felt and turn it into beautiful 3-dimensional designs.


Girls were working with Basketball James on how to throw the perfect pass…


…while others were taking shots on goal at Lacrosse. 


Up on Senior Hill Coach Chris was working with campers of all ages on their basketball skills…


…while some Senior girls were out paddle boarding on our beautiful lake.


Our two Baseball counselors had clinics going all morning, with some working on pitching and catching…


..while others were in the batting cage working on their swings.


There was a great game of Ultimate Frisbee just before lunch…


…while on the Junior Ball Field some Freshmen boys played kickball while others worked with Jeff our Lacrosse coach


In the Cooking Laboratory campers were learning how to make and cook different types of pancakes…


…while others played some intense rounds of Gaga.


Soccer Tom was back in Hollow once again, coaching our girls and helping them have fun.


In both sides of the Music Building campers were learning how to play instruments and jamming within the first hour!



Our boys and girls were already trying out for this year’s Senior musical…


…while there were even dance and yoga classes in the studio beneath Cypress lodge. 


These moments I captured with my camera are just a small percentage of what our campers did today. Every age group went swimming…twice. Every age group played different sports and took part in multiple artistic periods. There was just so much fun to be had wherever you were on our campus. 


Everywhere I went today I saw campers and counselors having a blast, learning and playing and just so happy to be together. It amazes me how quickly our newest campers have adjusted to life in this incredible overnight camp community, and how connected they all seem to everyone around them. What a fabulous start to the summer!

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