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Our Year Round Summer Camp Community

A powerful aspect of our Camp family is that it is a year round summer camp community.  This Friday, more than 80 eager campers and over 2 dozen excited staff will venture up to Wilmot, NH for our 13th annual Camp Winter Weekend.  The day will begin at Penn Station in NYC,
Winter Weekend train ridewhere I will board a reserved train car with campers and counselors from around the Tri-State and Mid-Atlantic regions.  From there we will meet up with Scott, Deena, and many more campers and staff from the Great Boston and Rhode Island areas, and board buses for the travel north.  Phyllis will even be making an airport run to pick up campers who needed to travel by plane!


Our community is fairly geographically diverse.  Last summer we had children from 16 states and 6 countries, and staff from just under 20 different nations.  Over the course of 7 weeks each summer we forge deep, meaningful friendships…and then return home to our “off season” lives. After the intensity of living together, setting and achieving common goals, learning to compromise, becoming better listeners and better friends, we find that our community members really miss one another. So beyond having simply fun up at Camp this weekend, we will all be reveling in our ability to gather together once again our year round summer camp community. 

Jack eating a s'moreAnd it will be tremendous fun.  Our soccer field in the middle of Camp – which we call the Hollow—will have its stadium lights at full blast beginning Friday night. There will be sledding and tubing and lots of snowball throwing. Inside our winterized lodges we will play foosball, ping pong, uno, jenga, and this silly spoons game that the counselors all seem to love.  At night campers and counselors will yet again have a chance to bunk together, sleeping in our beautiful (and winterized!) cabins. They will stay up a little too late, happily gabbing away well into the night. In the morning we will clear the ice on our lake for ice skating, broom ball (our version of ice hockey), and ice fishing.  Scott will lead groups of kids hiking around the campus in the deep snow.  After dinner on Saturday, with only the light of the night sky above us, we will load groups of campers into a horse drawn sleigh to ride around the property singing camp songs.  There will be campfires and s’more making and even a late-night fireworks display on Saturday evening. Scott and I will bust out our guitars and lead the kids in sing-a-longs.   

Throughout it all we will have the pleasure of watching campers reconnect with some of their favorite people in the world.  There will be lots of hugs and laughter, and quiet conversations with best friends and beloved counselors. Younger campers will have the opportunity to forge closer relationships with older ones, and staff will suddenly discover something new and wonderful about a camper they didn’t know quite as well before the weekend. winter weekend sleigh ride

Over the course of this event I promise to post copious amounts of photos and videos on our Facebook page, so that you can share in this great event.  And if you are a camper who will finally be old enough to join us on this adventure next year (or many years in the future) please know that we can’t wait to have you be a part of this event that celebrates the beauty that is our year round summer camp community!