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Our Very Happy Campers’ Second Half of the Summer

Our very happy campers’ start the second half of the summer

very happy campers

I always love our Camps’ Visiting Day. I get to see some of my favorite people! Yesterday we were thrilled to welcome about 1,400 parents, grandparents and siblings of our campers’ for the day. As our families were getting into their cars for the trip home it rained for about 20 minutes, and then everyone went outside to play. And while many of our kids were a bit nervous about saying goodbye to their loved ones, within only minutes of the final departure everyone (and I really mean everyone) was back to having a great time. There was silliness in the Lodges and great times everywhere you looked. Our Big Brothers and Sisters came down to spend time with their little siblings, and both the Evergreen Path and the Kenwood Compound were filled with laughing, smiling faces. It was a great time to be at our summer camp in NH. 

When I left my house at 7am today it was raining a whole lot. Thankfully, the weather was warm and everyone seemed to be in a great mood. There were scores of campers standing on their porches, eager for the start of the back nine of the summer. Even in the rain half of the kids skipped to morning assembly. You could see that any concerns about staying for the second half of the summer had disappeared. It was so great to see that our very happy campers were still excited have 3 more weeks of the summer together!

very happy campers

For most of the morning we participated in indoor activities. Evergreen played basketball in the gym and was making all sorts of great projects in the art studios. Kenwood’s freshmen and sophomores spent the better part of the morning working on completing some of their latest projects. The Kenwood inters and juniors actually hopped on a bus and spent the morning playing sports at our local boarding school’s gymnasium, while our first year seniors visited a massive indoor rock climbing gym.

very happy campers

In the afternoon I was fortunate to watch some more terrific sports practices, including lacrosse, softball, soccer, volleyball and baseball. Even when the rain started to pour down our boys and girls kept on playing, enjoying the opportunity to play outside with their friends while getting soaking wet. 

very happy campers

As a brother-sister summer camp, one of the activities that our boys and girls do together is put on theatrical productions. In about 2 weeks our Kenwood and Evergreen inters and juniors will perform together in Suessical: The Musical. During the afternoon the actors got together for a read-through of the scrip, and also had a chance to hear all of the songs that they will be performing. We can’t wait to see this show!

It was a day of fun, but also a day of contemplation. As I walked around Camp I frequently saw people discussing how happy they were to still be here, but also how proud they were for having made it through the tough goodbyes on Sunday.

very happy campers

Tonight, Kenwood junior camp took part in a photo scavenger hunt. This is a hysterically fun team building exercise. Different groups of campers run around the property with cameras and a list of poses or places that they need to capture as a team. As you can imagine with our very creative campers the pictures were EXTREMELY funny.

Evergreen had one of its most raucous evening activities tonight: The Lip Sync contest. Each bunk selected a favorite song and then created a dance routine to go with it. Costumes were created, hair was styled, and all sorts of hilarity ensued. Part of what I love about this event is the utter glee and abandoned our girls demonstrate during this event. In the tent, alone with their Evergreen sisters, our girls put everything they have into their performances. How wonderful to be able to be so free, and so lacking in self-consciousness, in front of a group of 200+ people. What a gift to have moments like this every summer. 

So we have officially begun the fifth week of the summer. A spectacular Visiting Day is behind us, and in our near future are incredible events like our music festival Hollowpallooza, the Drive In Movie, Carnival, the Film Festival, and of course, Color War. We will squeeze into the next three weeks as many special, hilarious, meaningful, poignant moments as we can. Welcome to the start of the second half of the summer at Camps Kenwood & Evergreen in NH!

We invite you to learn about some of the traditions, rituals and special events that our very happy campers love so much!  

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