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Our Very Happy Campers Have Year Round Camp Spirit

Our very happy campers have year round camp spirit

very happy campers

This week I got a nice note from the Erman family. While on vacation in Colorado they bumped into the Edinburgs! Mrs. Erman sent us this great photo of all four of our campers together, and it reminded us that it was time to talk about this year’s photo contests.

So WHO travelled the farthest in 2014 while wearing a Camp t-shirt? Actually, it’s a tie. Acka-lacka-ching to Josh and Ari Greenspan for showing their camp spirit on the Great Wall of China! Both have won a special Camp item that we hope they will love!

very happy campers

very happy campers

So, are you going on a trip this fall, winter or spring? Will you be travelling outside of the country, or to a famous American landmark? If so, make sure you take a picture while wearing a piece of camp clothing. The hashtag for this contest will be #wearyourshirt. 

This year we’ll be starting a new tradition: we will hang in the Dining Hall museum photos of any camper or staff member who sends us a picture on a trip while showing their year round camp spirit. And we will continue the annual contest for farthest travelled. Right now, Drew Schott is in the lead with this recent video taken on a hot air balloon ride in Turkey! 

We are also starting another new photo contest this fall. In June we will be offering a prize to whomever puts together the photograph with the largest number of people from our Camp community between now and the start of the summer (and no, official Camp reunions won’t count!). The image may contain current campers and staff, alumni, and even Camp parents. Show your year round Camp spirit and send us the largest K&E group photo that you can!

One more picture-related message. Did you take a photo or video this summer that you are really proud of? Did you capture a beautiful or hysterically funny moment on a trip, at an activity or in the bunk? If so, please consider sharing it with us. We’d love to see the Camp experience through your eyes (or lens).  

Why do our campers feel so connected to our community? Why do we have so many very happy campers? 

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