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Our summer camp’s fall and winter traditions begin!

As an overnight camp we have many, many traditions. Some take place during the summer, like our ceremonial campfires, fabulous music festival, and Color War. Others take place during the 10 months out of the year when we are all away from our favorite place. One of those traditions is the annual “”Where Your Camp Shirt”, in which we challenge our kids to show their camp spirit by wearing K&E clothing as they travel around the world. Each year the boy and girl who travel the farthest from our campus in Wilmot, New Hampshire, and send us a photograph of them in their camp clothing, win a special custom made once-in-a-lifetime bit of Camp SWAG.

Last year the winners were Zelda of Camp Evergreen and Michael from Camp Kenwood. Zelda and her family traveled to Myanmar and Cambodia, and Michael and his family went to Hong Kong and Singapore.

Michael may have done some additional globe hopping this year, but having graduated out of Camp in 2017 he is no longer eligible for the contest. But it comes as no surprise that our friend Zelda submitted a winning entry yet again, having traveled to Sri Lanka just before the New Year, though this time her brother (and first time camper in 2017) Spencer was also a winner!

Congratulations to you both and thank you for always showing such fantastic camp spirit! Your two-of-a-kind camp prize is in production and we can’t wait to send it to you in a few weeks!

Our next off-season Camp tradition takes place tomorrow, as we gather for the first camper reunion of the fall at the House of Sports in Ardsley, NY. It will be a night of seeing camp friends, playing sports, a delicious dinner, and welcoming many of our new campers into our extended family. This event is open to any child ages 8-12 who will be a K&E camper this summer, or is thinking about spending the summer with us. If you have not yet RSVP’d you can do so by clicking on the link below. We also have an upcoming event for our younger campers in the Boston area November 18th. We hope to see you at either or both!

RSVP for the House of Sports Event 

And if your family has plans to travel anywhere this fall or winter make sure to take some camp clothing with you to be a part of the “Where Your Camp Shirt” contest!